9 Best Website Builders in 2021: Blogs, Single Page Sites, Businesses & More! - Observer

9 Best Website Builders in 2021: Blogs, Single Page Sites, Businesses & More! - Observer

9 Best Website Builders in 2021: Blogs, Single Page Sites, Businesses & More! - Observer

Posted: 07 Apr 2021 09:02 AM PDT

As the internet has grown, so have the options for building a website. No longer do you have to be a developer to build an amazing website. Still, knowing where to find the best website builders on the market is no easy task. There's no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to creating, designing, and publishing a website. 

Luckily, we've done all the hard work for you and researched the top website makers available. If you want to build your own website but aren't sure which option is right for you, our top picks are a great place to start. 

Best Website Creators: First Look

  1. Best 100% free website builder – Weebly
  2. Best website builder overall – Wix
  3. Best website builder for artists – Squarespace
  4. Best website creator for professional websites – Duda
  5. Best free website builder and hosting site – GoDaddy
  6. Best open source drag and drop website builder – WordPress
  7. Best ecommerce site builder – Shopify
  8. Best website builder for designers – Webflow
  9. Best simple website builder – Carrd

1. Weebly – Best Free Website Builder for Beginners


  • Simple, powerful drag and drop tool
  • Custom fonts
  • Advanced page animation effects
  • Video backgrounds
  • Image editor


  • Customer service is unresponsive

Weebly's claim to fame is their advanced feature set that allows you to incorporate responsive animation effects on your site with their standard builder. They also offer powerful tools to make your site really pop and stand out from the competition.

Like most of the entries in this list, Weebly allows for custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript to be embedded into your pages.

Weebly's negative reviews are almost unanimous about how unresponsive customer support can be. Positive experiences are mostly centered around how easy the builder is to use and how beautiful the multimedia effects are.

2. Wix – Best Website Builder Overall


  • Over 500 designer-made templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Mobile friendly
  • Great pricing


  • Lacks some high-end design features
  • No phone support

Wix strikes a strong balance between letting you get up and running quickly while also providing options for advanced users. Wix is at its most powerful when you go through them to get your domain and hosting as well. In fact, when you pay for a premium plan, they include a free domain and web hosting along with it.

Wix is compatible with a number of hosting providers for those who already have a preferred host. If you're hosting your website locally, you should check out our review of the Best Antivirus Software.

While Wix's reviews on Trustpilot are not great, this is actually true of most sites, even ones that have great reputations and are generally well-regarded. 

Negative reviews are mostly about difficulties canceling and other administrative issues with customer support. While positive reviews say that the software works great, and many mention that they use Wix for multiple sites.

3. Squarespace – Best Website Builder for Artists


  • Award-winning web designs
  • Set of templates for portfolios
  • Built-in blogging tools
  • Built-in SEO tools and analytics


  • Lacks advanced functionality
  • Confusing cancellation policies

Squarespace is well-known in the industry for its beautifully designed templates. The design of their builder and business model is perfect for artists or anyone looking to create a website for an online portfolio. Squarespace can be adapted for other uses, but most users start and stick with Squarespace because of the design strengths.

Reviews for Squarespace are in a similar range to Wix and for similar reasons. Support is only available by chat and email, and there are a number of features missing for users who want to build a more robust site on the platform. Positive reviews are more about how good the sites look and how easy it was to get them there.

4. Duda – Best Website Creator for Professional Websites


  • Fast and frequent updates
  • Included marketing materials
  • Included strategy guides
  • Ideal for agencies and resellers
  • Duda University web design course


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Not aimed at single websites

Duda is making a name for itself as the go-to platform for digital marketing agencies looking to add website building to their services. Duda focuses on building flashy websites quickly and efficiently to maximize profits for agencies who are selling via the Duda platform.

Duda offers a number of resources that agencies and resellers might want, and it's a fantastic option for anyone looking to build a web design agency.

Duda doesn't have nearly as many reviews online as most of the other services, which largely has to do with their business model, but negative reviews point out that they wanted better technical support. Positive reviews come from advanced users who are looking to get things done quickly and easily.

5. GoDaddy – Best Free Website Builder and Hosting Site


  • Offers free website to start with
  • Custom email address @yourdomain
  • Robust and advanced hosting options
  • Do-it-for-you service for when you get overwhelmed


  • Included tools are clunky
  • Domain broker service is flawed

GoDaddy started out as a domain registrar and hosting provider and moved into the website building space as other services started to pop up and make it necessary. As you might expect, your hosting options are the most robust on this list, and the core tools all do what they're supposed to do.

That said, its website building software is primitive by comparison, and many of the tools (like the webmail interface) look like they were designed in the '90s. GoDaddy expects that most customers will port their webmail to a service like Microsoft Outlook and use it there.

Reviews on Trustpilot are the highest in the list and indicate that most of the time, it "just works." A lot of the negative reviews are specifically about their domain broker service.

6. WordPress – Best Open Source Drag and Drop Website Builder


  • Compatible with almost every hosting provider
  • Offers a limited free plan
  • Open-source
  • Countless plugins


  • Needs to be updated almost daily
  • New 'block' editor removes functionality

WordPress's strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, being open source means there's a huge amount of plugins that can add whatever functionality you want for your site. But on the other hand, being open source means that it has to be constantly patched to fix security flaws.

Recently WordPress made a massive update to their page builder to base everything around "blocks." This change made it easier to get started but harder to customize meticulously.

Reviews for WordPress generally reflect that most users like the service, and, to no one's surprise, many of the negative reviews are about the new block system.

7. Shopify – Best Ecommerce Site Builder


  • Responsive and customizable
  • Competitive pricing for e-commerce
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Complete suite of tools


  • Not designed for anything but e-commerce
  • Can block websites with no explanation

Shopify is to e-commerce what Duda is to agencies. It's a one-trick pony that performs very well. Shopify's tools are not only easy to use but comprehensive enough to cover everything from abandoned carts to inventory to calculating shipping and more. You can truly run your entire business on Shopify if all your sales are online.

Despite this, Shopify has gotten flack for being politically-driven in shutting down business websites without warning and without the ability to appeal.

Their Trustpilot score is quite low, but many of the negative reviews are actually about individual stores that just happen to use Shopify, so their real score may be up to a full point higher.

8. Webflow – Best Website Builder for Designers


  • "Visual Canvas" builder
  • Built-in database creation
  • Immersive interactions and animations
  • Hosts on Amazon Web Services
  • 99.9% uptime


  • Builder is complex and difficult to learn
  • SEO is not as strong as with other builders

Webflow has built an unparalleled design program for websites that will be quick to pick-up for those experienced with other professional design tools. That said, it can be frustrating and difficult to learn for the average person. Once you learn the interface, though, you can get incredible results.

Hosting is outsourced to Amazon Web Services, and while the pages are beautiful, they aren't as optimized for search engines as some of the other options on this list.

Webflow has a mix of positive and negative reviews on Trustpilot. Negative reviews complain about lacking customer support. Positive reviews focus on how powerful the design tools are (once you learn them).

9. Carrd – Best Simple Website Builder


  • Simple and easy to get started
  • Perfect for one-page sites
  • Responsive websites that work on all devices
  • Free accounts can build three sites
  • Incredibly affordable to upgrade


  • Limited to single-page design
  • Not very much customization

Carrd is another "one-trick pony." Carrd's real strength is in its simplicity. One-page websites are getting more popular for people who only need a place to provide basic information along with their contact information, and Carrd is the prime choice here.

Carrd really stays in their lane, so to speak. They don't offer support for custom fonts or any other customizations that experienced designers may be used to.

Carrd does not have a profile on Trustpilot, and reviews for their service are actually difficult to find, but ProductHunt has a number of reviews for them. With a whopping 4.6 rating on ProductHunt, Carrd seems to be doing well.

How to Choose a Website Creator: Tips and Advice

What Is Your Site For?

If you're building ecommerce websites, you need ecommerce functionality and an online store. Building a blog is different from building a business website. Consider what you're creating a website for and what you want to be able to achieve using a website maker tool.

Storage and Bandwidth

Some sites offer more or less storage per site, and some charge per month if you want more for your website. If you're a beginner building a simple site on a free trial or plan, you won't have as much storage space and bandwidth as a web developer paying a premium for the best overall website builder.

Ease of Use

Free website builders can be easy to use but lack functionality. The quality of the website building software can determine which platform is the right fit. Builders that offer a domain name, ecommerce features, free SSL, and hosting can also make your life easier.

Design Control

Which is more important to you – ease of use or advanced features? The right site builder for you will strike the right balance. Many offer an intuitive drag and drop interface which makes things easier for those new to website design but still have all the control that a web designer would be used to.

Plugins and Tools

If you start using a website maker and then discover that it lacks some features (like ecommerce functionality), you may be able to find plugins to get what you need. 

WordPress has a store similar to the app store where you can get plugins for social media, features for small businesses, or generate a mobile site from your existing site.

Check Transaction Fees

Transaction fees can stack, so if you're using an ecommerce website builder, make plans to check what the fees are and add them up with the payment processor you're using. A free website builder might charge excessive transaction fees on your website.

Future Plans

You may want to migrate your site in the future to a different website builder. If you think this could be you, then look past the free plan or free trial, and check out verified customer reviews to see if it's easy to move over.

Using a Website Builder: Pros and Cons


No expertise needed: Most website builders will have a drag and drop editor, so no design or coding experience is required.

Easy to set up: The best website builders will come with a custom domain name, social media integration, and a content management system all in one.

Affordable: Many site builders offer a free domain name with their service. Others offer a free trial or even a free plan with their site builder. 

Lots of options: You can pay per month or per year. If you don't want to pay at all, there are free website builders available. If you need an online store, you can get one.


Less professional-looking: If you create a website using Weebly, google sites, or another drag and drop builder, it probably won't have the same look as a professional with full design freedom.

Features can be limited: The more you want out of your website, the more restrictive you'll find using a website builder. 

Might hurt your SEO score: If the plans you can afford don't come with a free SSL certificate, conversion rate optimization, or other SEO tools, it may be harder to rank your site.

Top Website Builders: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wix Really the Best Overall Site Builder?

Wix is our pick for the #1 overall. With a 14-day money-back guarantee and an e-commerce website builder, it works for small businesses and offers website plans at different price ranges.

What Is the Easiest Free Website Builder?

If you're looking for free, we would recommend starting with WordPress. Their free plan has the most features with no charge per month for your website.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Website Builder?

That really depends on your needs. Often the builders that have the most ease of use are also the ones that charge the most per month. It all comes down to your priorities.

What Is the Best Website Builder for Retail and Other Online Stores?

If you're building an online store, our pick would be Shopify. If you don't want to use Shopify, you can also look at BigCommerce or at third-party plugins for WordPress.

Which Is the Best Website Builder for Small Businesses?

This is a great question. Small businesses aren't all created equal; some want to keep the per month of their website down, while others are interested in more robust plans or even affiliate commissions.

What Do Professional Website Builders Use?

A lot of professionals use WordPress, but you'll find design agencies that can work with most of the website builders on this list, with the exception of GoDaddy. Agencies often charge a fee per month to maintain the website.

Can I Switch My Website Builder Later?

Yes! Migration can be tricky, so as you compare plans, you'll want to find out how much they charge for migration and how complicated it will be.

Do I Need a Custom Domain Name?

Most plans will come with one, but if you're going to use the website for anything beyond a casual blog, then you'll definitely want your own domain name.

Best Website Builders: The Takeaway

There's a lot to consider when choosing the perfect site to help build your website. At least now you've got a head start and have a good idea of where to look.  

Our #1 pick might be Wix.com, but different builders cater to different markets. And if you're looking to design and build a specific type of website, you might find that one of our other top picks suits your needs better.

It's wise to look through the variety of options above and consider all the features and tools you need to find the right site that has everything you want.

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer.

Team Trivera is poised for success - BizTimes Milwaukee

Posted: 07 Apr 2021 01:00 PM PDT

Trivera EVP Christina Steder conducts one of Trivera's monthly (pre-COVID) Lunch and Learns.
Trivera EVP Christina Steder conducts one of Trivera's monthly (pre-COVID) Lunch and Learns.

In 1996 when Tom Snyder launched Trivera 1.0 (or Websight Solutions as the company was known back then), 85 percent of CEOs believed there was no use for the internet. Given the abundance of technology in our lives today, it is hard to imagine the leap of faith it took to launch a website development company at a time when the first smartphones were still a decade away and the only way to get online was with a desktop computer connected via a landline modem. 

But for Tom, there wasn't any doubt. 

After a long career as a music/program director and on-air personality with several Milwaukee-area radio stations, he'd gone on to work for a software company, and was introduced to this new thing — the world wide web. 

So excited about the possibilities, he started as a one man shop, working 20-hour days, meeting with clients by day, and designing and programming their websites in his basement at night. A year later, he hired his first employees: a web designer, then a programmer and a salesperson. A few months later, he convinced his wife, Marjie, to join the company "with one condition," she said, that the company move out of their basement and into real office space.

25 years later, the Snyders' small company has  grown to become a full-service digital marketing firm whose current clients include General Mitchell International Airport, Strattec Security Corporation, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Rogers Behavioral Health, Derse, UPAF, Kalmbach Media, and more. 

Innovation has always been the main ingredient to success at Trivera. Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field, and Trivera has always tried to take advantage of its potential, particularly the ability to use data to drive business decisions and create measurable results. 

But it is more than that. 

According to Snyder, it has always been about the team. 

"From the beginning, my goal has been to surround myself with people smarter, more talented and more accomplished than me," he said. "Team Trivera's designers, developers, programmers, search and marketing specialists, project/account managers, salespeople, and strategists have always demonstrated that. As web design evolved into strategic digital marketing, our success has come from encouraging our amazing people to drive us to grow and change." 

Trivera begins its next chapter with plans to continue learning, growing and improving. While 2020 forced Trivera to adapt to its team working remotely, it raised market awareness of the importance of digital marketing and its potential. 

Now in 2021, as the company sets its course for the months and years ahead, it does so poised for truly great things: new clients, more team members, several exciting announcements and a future that's brighter than ever.

"It is with profound gratitude for the team members and clients who have made Trivera what it is today, that we head into the next 25 years with even more enthusiasm and a renewed commitment to our original vision to be the best digital agency in Southeastern Wisconsin," said Snyder.



Top 15 Software Development Companies in Plano - Influencive

Posted: 07 Apr 2021 12:11 PM PDT

The rapid evolution of technology and software companies has been developing at an exponential rate every single day.  Hardware and Software are being made every single day with innovations and inventions. Technology can be a really powerful tool to change industries and help the world reach the actual technical developments it's meant for.

It can also transform techniques and tools in the way that millennials can use them to make their lives more sophisticated and comfortable.  This can increase the economy of the world as well as the quality of the technical areas. Development of software is nowadays one of the leading businesses in the world and software development companies are being built every day, everywhere. Some of the major cities that are filled with high-end software development companies include Plano, San Francisco, Austin, Denver, San Jose, Dallas-Fort, and much more.

This article explains the top software development companies in Plano, and their features and specialties. Software Development Companies maintain, design, and develop software components, for their clients or consumers. Every software company has its style of creating solutions and reinventing programs.

Microsoft Corporation, which was found in 1975, is supposed to be the top software company in the world, with its high-quality products, followed by Oracle, SAP, ADP, and many more. Software can also be technically defined as the set of programs, data, or instructions that are used to execute a specific task or operate a hardware device to do its work. The Softwares used in hardware machines are developed by software development companies all around the world and sold to clients in need of great software. 

List of Best Software Development Companies in Plano

Many of the companies in this list have their headquarters situated at Plano, with some having their branches being executed successfully in nearby cities across the metroplex. The best software companies in Plano are companies that have great punctuality, a group of expert technicians, designers, and engineers as employees, and also great clients and effective communication means and sources.

They cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses that involve businesses and companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises. Since digital presence is becoming a large part of every business's growth, software development companies must help their clients maintain a great digital presence and achieve great reach and sales with their digital impact. 


The company was first founded in 2015. They employ about 10 experts, who are paid a maximum of $100 per hour. The minimum project size they handle is $10,000+ and they handle various new departments like Enterprise Software Development, IT Infrastructure, and  Technology Consulting. They have also collaborated with Fortune 500 Companies and produced noteworthy results and products. 

The service lines they highly focus on are comprised of Custom software development, mobile app development, web design, and Web Development. They focus on all kinds of businesses ranging from startups to enterprises. 

They are highly affordable and produce noteworthy results and the kind of solutions that increase the sales and lead of their clients. 


GrowBranding of software companies, is a US-based mobile development company. Founded in 2016, they also provide training for starters in fields like Design, UX/UI, Development, Q/A delivery for your team through their Alt-U training program.

They have serviced clients across the globe with their solutions and turn their innovative ideas into great products. They are popularly known for developing software for iPhones, iPods, Apple Watches, Android Devices, and they also have the feature of staff augmentation to develop a highly skilled and resourceful team of employees. Their Service Lines include their greatest strengths like Mobile App Development, Custom software development, IT Staff Augmentation, UX/UI Design.

GrowBranding clientele focus is majorly concentrated on Mid Market, Enterprise, and Small Businesses. Their industrial focus is concentrated on Consumer products and services, Education, Financial Services, Hospitality and Leisure, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, eCommerce, and much more. Mobile Platforms they service include Android, iPhone, Hybrid and Cross-Platform Apps, and much more. They focus on producing outstanding results with their excellent techniques.

They have also produced many quality projects like Multiple App Dev Projects for Large Web Hosting Company and App Development for Healthcare Services, which received many great positive reviews from outstanding brands and companies.


LabelFirm is one of the top software companies with its office located in Plano, Texas. The company was founded in 2014 and has been developing quality custom software since then. They ask their clients exactly what they want and use their innovative techniques to develop the ideas into great outputs. Their team of employees contains about 50 employees, who are experts in many fields. 

Their service lines majorly concentrate on Custom Software Development, Enterprise App Modernization, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development, IT strategy consulting, and much more. 

They focus on their clients from small businesses, mid-market, and enterprises, and cater their needs according to their requirements. Their projects are based on various fields and some of their major projects include Web Design & Software Dev for Federal Consultancy, Software Dev Augmentation for EMR Software Provider, Client Portal Dev for Financial Services Company, and much more. 


SkyBranding is an Information Tech Consulting and solutions firm, with its headquarters located in Dallas, TX. The company was first founded in 2016 and has been specializing in areas like Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Staff augmentation, Enterprises Websites, and much more services. 

The company's application platforms include Amazon, Google App Engine, Linux Server, and many other renowned platforms. They focus on catering and satisfying the technical needs of Mid Markets and Small Businesses. Their mobile focus involves both the types, Android and iPhone and many others too. Their coding software, which they use to create the outputs comprise Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and much more. 

They are one of the most sought-after companies of Plano and still thrives to become more useful and result-producing.


With their branches extended throughout the world, Shoutzer is a software development agency in Plano, first founded in 2018 and they employ about 250 people and the employees, according to sources, are paid $50-$99. 

They deliver substantial solutions, by collaborating with many premium firms.  Their service lines include BI & Big Data Consulting, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Development, and many others. They focus on clients from Midmarkets, Small Businesses, and Enterprises. 

Shoutzer focus on various industrial fields like Business Services, Medical, Energy and Natural Resources, Gaming, Media, and Utilities. They cater to clients like MODE Transportation and 5miles, and some of their largest projects in recent times include Software, Hardware and Web App Devs for Creative Agency, Web Development and Design for Digital Marketing Agency, Website Development for Mobile Marketplace company, Development for an Obituary Application and these products increased the sales and reach of its clients with the product's innovative approach. 

Ascendix Technologies

Founded in 1996, managed by Wes Snow and Todd Terry, Ascendix Technologies of Software Development Company, Plano has its headquarters situated in Dallas, with one of its branches located in Plano. Their CRM consulting and custom software development services are second to none and they are one of the best software development agencies in Plano.

They have two websites, ascendix.com and ascendixtech.com. Ascendix Technologies specialize in areas like Business Automation, Data cleaning and migration, Integration and consolidations of multiple services and systems, Improvement of your current systems, App Development, Improvement of Current systems, App Development, Product Development, Custom Software Development, AppExchange App Development, CRM consulting and development (Dynamic 365, Salesforce and custom solutions). 

They work with clients from all over the world and have experience making and working with multiple CRM applications. They have been in the field for nearly 24 years and have never failed to impress clients. Their minimum project size is $5,000 and they pay their employees $50-$90 per hour, according to sources. They employ nearly 250 employees, expertise in various technical fields. 

Their service lines focus on CRM Consulting and SI, and Custom Software development and they focus majorly on clients from Small business, followed by Midmarket, and Enterprises. Their Industrial Focus is highly concentrated on fields like real estate, Supply chain, Logistics, and Transport, and Financial Services. 

The key clients include many major companies like NAI Global, Flibco, Newmark Knight Frank (NASDAQ: NMRK), Transwestern, Jones Lang LaSalle, Colliers International, and much more. Some of their highly praised projects like Custom App Dev for Staffing Software Company and Custom Software Dev for Enterprises Services Company exhibit the quality of their work and products. 


Projekt202, being one of the most popular companies in software development, Plano is where one of its branches is located. Founded in 2003, employing about 1000 employees, is a preferred choice by many companies. They have stayed at top of the list for over a decade and still produce clear solutions for any kind of software requirements. Projekt202 are equipped with a great team of employees, resources, and skills to produce the appropriate solution for their clients. 

They specialize in Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Web Design, and much more. Their key clients include many popular brands like Capital-One, Canon, Samsung Electronics, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, The Container Store, Dell, Neiman Marcus, Daimler Trucks, Examsoft, Kronos, E2open, PSCU, EGO, Southeastern Grocers, Concentra, 7-Eleven, and much more. 

Some of their famous product software solutions also include the UX/UI Design and Development for API Banking Platform, which was designed for banking startups, and the product was noted to be great, without any complications and its design was reviewed as an "initiative". It has also won a few awards like the 100 fastest-growing privately-held companies in Dallas-Fort Worth (2011-2016) and also the Fast Tech Awards(2017). 

They employ a group of great experts who deliver the product on time and the solutions and products are also known to be highly cost-efficient. They can also be easily contacted through phone and email. The VP of Product Management, Banking Startup reviewed their ideas as "Unique, Thought Provoking, and centered around getting the product to market faster". 

They have also received many amazing reviews from many great websites like Google, clutch, Facebook, and much more. 


One of the oldest software development companies in Plano, Valtech was first founded in 1993 and has been running successfully for the past 2 decades. One of the largest software development agencies around the globe, Valtech operates with around 4 offices across the world and employs around 10,000 employees. 

They are highly specialized in services like CX Strategy, Connected Services, Content and Campaigns, Experience and Commerce Platforms, Data Science, Emerging Technologies, and much more. Though their headquarters is situated in NYC, they have a branch at Plano, which is run by a team of experts. The company is filled with expert employees, great resources and appliances and have wonderful offices and surroundings, that make both the employees and the clients comfortable. Their services lines highly focus on Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Custom Software Development, Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Web Development, and much more. 

They majorly cater to clients like Enterprises, followed by Midmarket and Small businesses. Their industrial focus is concentrated on areas like Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Medical, Government, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Logistics, and much more. The company's key clients list includes many prominent brands like Sunwing Travel Group, University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, Bayer, American Air Filters International, L'Oreal, Lufthansa Heineken Audi, Levi's American Girl, The Container Store, and much more. 

Their prestigious projects also include the Digital Service Redesign for Department for Transport and Multiple Platform Developments for Healthcare Company, which received great reviews from both the clients and the target audience. The awards they have by far received like the Web Service Award(2016), Episerver Partner of the Year (2016), and 13 Sitecore MVP Awards in 2018 honor their works and mark their services to be one of the best software development services around the globe. 


ScienceSoft was first founded in 1989, topping the software world for the past 3 decades. They employ nearly 1000 employees and their headquarters is located in Mckinney, Texas. ScienceSoft is highly preferred for its all-encompassing competence, reliability,100% project delivery, and acknowledged quality. 

Their team of experts highly specializes in departments like security intelligence, data analysis, collaboration solutions, content management, testing and QA,  and custom mobile and web development. They meet their deadlines with the quality of the project intact.  They pay their employees $50-$90 per hour, and it is noted that 76% of the company's turnover is received from the clients. Their service lines include Cloud Consulting and SI, AR & VR Development, Business consulting, Custom Software Development, CyberSecurity, and IT Staff Augmentation. The clientele focus of this company is majorly focused on Mid Market, followed by Enterprises and Small businesses. 

Their Industrial focus is majorly medical, energy and natural resources, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, retail, telecommunication, utilities, eCommerce, and much more. Their noteworthy clients include PointLogic, Baxter, Leo Burnett, Airpas, Visma, Koch Media, Enonic, PerkinElmer, Viber, M&T Bank, NASA JPL, Nestle, Heinz, Walmart, T-Mobile, eBay, and much more. 

They are also known to be specialized in platform-specific services like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Magento, help desk services, and L1-L4 services. ScienceSoft have also received Microsoft Partner and SalesForce Partner Awards for their outstanding performance and noteworthy solutions. They have also received great 5 star reviews from various websites like Google, Clutch, Facebook, and many more. 

They also have great communication services, which makes the clients and target audience easy for them to contact. More information about the company can be gathered from the official website of the company. 

Agency Partner Interactive LLC

One of the most economically efficient companies in Plano, Agency Partner Interactive LLC is located in Plano, Texas, and was first founded in 2010. Their minimum project is $5,000+ and they have a team of employees with about 250 employees, who are paid an average of $25-$49 per hour, according to sources. 

They highly expertise in areas like custom software development, E-commerce Development, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and much more. They cater to clients ranging from Small businesses, followed by Mid-market Enterprises and Large businesses. 

Their industrial focus is concentrated on Information Technology, e-Commerce, Advertising and Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical, and much more. The list of their most prominent clients contains premium companies like Premier John Deere, STIHL Dealer, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC), AgPower, Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Edwards Lifesciences, Park Associates, SEA Limited, and many more. 

Some of their greatest projects in recent times include WordPress Web Dev for Coaching and Consulting Company, Web Development for Nonprofit Network, Web Design, Dev & Logo Design for Cosmetics Brand, WordPress Dev for Yoga and Physical therapy Provider and much more, which have received great reviews from many prominent websites. 


Prominently known for their specialties like innovation labs, web application development, Al integration, voice user interfaces, mobile app development, and many more, ENO8 is a Dallas-based company that builds and develops digital products for its clients. Its minimum project size is approximately $25,000 and they have a team of about 10 employees, who are experts in various fields, paid about $100-$149 per hour. 

The company was founded in 2016, with its headquarters located in Plano, Texas. Their service lines consist of Mobile App Development, Custom Software Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, UX/UI Design, and much more. They focus on Mid Market businesses, followed by Small businesses and Enterprises. 

Their Industrial Focus is majorly concentrated on Information Technology, Medical, Technology, Leisure, Hospitality, Retail and much more. They develop software for mobile platforms that comprise several varieties like Hybrid and Cross-platform apps, Android, iOS of iPhone, iOS of iPad, Windows, and much more. 

The list of some of its popular clients are as follows: Naturally Slim, Alcon, Collin College, Concentra, Orora Visual, Asset Panda, DaVinci Vaporizers, Voice Media Group/Dallas Observer, and much more.  The company is one of the most reliable companies in Plano and is very easy to be contacted, through mobile or email.

Aezion, Inc

Headquartered in Frisco, TX, Aezion is one of the best software development companies that offer great software services across the globe. Their specialties include custom software development, mobile app development, and web development. They are very cost-efficient and have some of the best resources the software world can offer. Their headquarters are located in Frisco, TX and the company was founded in 2011. 

Their service lines prominently focus on Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, and Web Development among many others. The programming and scripting are done in software like C#, ASP.NET, Objective C, and much more. Their clients include Flex 8 fitness, IMed Biomedical, and many more. Some of their major projects include E-Commerce Dev for Air Conditioner Manufacturer, Web and Mobile Dev for Fitness Coaching Company, and many more.

They offer professional solutions for software companies and even miniature startups too. The products are highly affordable and they are easily contactable through email and phone and information about them can be gathered from their official website. They partner with many important companies and "transform their clients into lifelong partners". 

Appshark Software

One of the most sought-after Dallas-based companies, App Shark Software of Software Companies, Plano being one of its branch locations, is a mobile app and custom software developing company. They also indulge in offering CRM Consulting and System integration. The company was first found in 2007, with an equalizer of $5,000+. They employ a team of experts, around 250 employees, who are highly qualified designers, programmers, engineers, and much more. They have received great reviews from many online platforms and tend to surprise clients with their outstanding results every single day. 

The company is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, specializing in architecting, delivering complex, multi-cloud and multi-platform solutions.  The company's major focus lies on CRM Consulting and SI, Mobile App Development, and Custom Software development, while its clientele focus is concentrated on Midmarket, Small businesses, and Enterprises. 

Their industrial focus, on the other hand, is majorly concentrated on areas like IT, Business Services, Media, Consumer Products and Services and much more. Some of their popular application launch platforms include Force, Heroku, Azure, and Amazon. Its list of major clients involves many popular brands and companies like The Skimm, Blue Outdoor, Titus Industrial, Gym Source, Direct Capital, Hair Direct, and much more. 

Some of its recent projects like the Salesforce Migration for Order Processing System, and Software Development for Finance Saas, Force.com ERP Build Out for Equipment Retailer, has been received well by both the clients and the target audience and the company has been doing justice to all its projects with their innovative techniques and creative ideas, and by executing them well. 

One Team US LLC

A Troy-Based company with one of its major branches located in Plano, One Team is one of the resourceful companies with high transparency and is highly client-friendly. The company provides various services like Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Product Development, Product Development Entrepreneur/Investor based products, IoT Applications, Website Development, eCommerce Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Development, Magento eCommerce Development, Odoo ERP Development, consulting and business process outsourcing services. 

The company is one of the most recognized software development companies in the world and has received many outstanding reviews from platforms like Google and Glassdoor. They have also received many certifications like the E verify, SAM, Magento eCommerce, and much more for their great results and solutions that have been of immense profit to the clients and perfect use for the target audience. 

The minimum project size of the company is $5,000+ and employs about 250 employees with payment of a minimum of $50-$99 per hour and the company was first founded in 2010. They focus on mid-markets, enterprises, and small businesses. 

Some of their recent projects include Custom Software Development for Tech Startup Firm, App Development for Towing Services, App Development for Insurance Agency, Site Dev for Photo and Video Online Marketplace and many more have received great reviews from clients and they are one of the most sought after companies of Plano. 

Some of their key clients include GOAT Pet Products, Emergency Medical Form LLC, Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy, and much more. 

Squareball Studios

Highly specialized in mobile app development, custom software development, UX/UI design, web design, and e-commerce development services, Squareball Studios have been on the list of some of the best software development companies in Plano. 

Their minimum project size is $25,000+ and the company was first founded in 2015 and their team of employees contains about 50 experts, who highly specialize as designers, programmers, engineers, and much more. They are well paid with about $100-$149 per hour, according to sources. 

Their clientele focus is majorly concentrated on small businesses, followed by Enterprises and Midmarket. Their mobile platforms include various types like Android, iOS-iPhone, iOS-iPad, and much more. Some of its important clients include Limitz, Vanity Fair, Target, Treasury Department of Puerto Rico, EDS, and such. 

It has been reviewed as "a smaller company, since they invest in what they are doing more than what their team is putting out", by the President and Founder, Valet Startup. They have also received great reviews from online platforms like Google, Clutch, and much more. 

Some of their recent world-class projects that impressed the clients high time, contain projects like App Development for P2P Social Advertising Startup, Mobile App Updates for Domestic Violence Non-Profit, iOS App Dev for Home Modeling and Design company, Custom Web App Development for Makeup Company, App Development for Social Media Tool Startup, App Development for Golf Technology company and many such projects have been completed, according to the client's requirements without any error or bugs in the program. 

They can also be easily contacted through mail or phone and more information can be gathered about the company from its official website. 

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Software Development companies in Plano are some of the outstanding software development agencies that produce great software products and solutions within the deadline, with the quality of the product intact.

They have also been well renowned to increase the sales and lead rates of their clients and their services are highly affordable and your money's worth. If software solutions are a must for growing businesses, why not procure them from just the best!.


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