FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Increases Lending to Small Businesses in Need, Announces Changes to PPP to Further Promote Equitable Access to Relief - The White House

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Increases Lending to Small Businesses in Need, Announces Changes to PPP to Further Promote Equitable Access to Relief - The White House

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Increases Lending to Small Businesses in Need, Announces Changes to PPP to Further Promote Equitable Access to Relief - The White House

Posted: 22 Feb 2021 04:00 AM PST

Small businesses account for 44 percent of U.S. GDP, create two-thirds of net new jobs, and employ nearly half of America's workers. Now, millions of main street small businesses – especially Black- and Brown-owned small businesses – are struggling to make ends meet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis.

The Biden-Harris administration has made delivering equitable relief to hard-hit small businesses a top priority. The latest round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding opened just one month ago and it represents a marked improvement on the prior round of the Program last year. Compared to the same point in the Program last year:

  • The share of funding going to small businesses with fewer than ten employees is up nearly 60 percent
  • The share of funding going to small businesses in rural areas is up nearly 30 percent
  • The share of funding distributed through Community Development Financial Institutions and Minority Depository Institutions is up more than 40 percent

The Biden-Harris administration is announcing several reforms to build on this success by further targeting the PPP to the smallest businesses and those that have been left behind in previous relief efforts. While these efforts are no substitute for passage of the American Rescue Plan, they will extend much-needed resources to help small businesses survive, reopen, and rebuild. Specifically, the Biden-Harris administration will:

  • Institute a 14-day period, starting Wednesday, during which only businesses with fewer than 20 employees can apply for relief through the Program. 98 percent of small businesses have fewer than 20 employees. They are Main Street businesses that anchor our neighborhoods and help families build wealth. And while the Biden-Harris administration has directed significantly more relief to these smallest businesses in this round of PPP than in the prior round, these businesses often struggle more than larger businesses to collect the necessary paperwork and secure relief from a lender. The 14-day exclusive application period will allow lenders to focus on serving these smallest businesses. The Biden-Harris administration will also make a sustained effort to work with lenders and small business owners to ensure small businesses take maximum advantage of this two-week window.
  • Help sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals receive more financial support. These types of businesses, which include home repair contractors, beauticians, and small independent retailers, make up a significant majority of all businesses. Of these businesses, those without employees are 70 percent owned by women and people of color. Yet many are structurally excluded from the PPP or were approved for as little as $1 because of how PPP loans are calculated. To address this problem, the Biden-Harris administration will revise the loan calculation formula for these applicants so that it offers more relief, and establish a $1 billion set aside for businesses in this category without employees located in low- and moderate-income (LMI) areas.
  • Consistent with a bipartisan bill, eliminate an exclusionary restriction that prevents small business owners with prior non-fraud felony convictions from obtaining relief through the Paycheck Protection Program.  Currently, a business is ineligible for PPP if it is at least 20 percent owned by an individual who has either: (1) an arrest or conviction for a felony related to financial assistance fraud within the previous five years; or (2) any other felony within the previous year. To expand access to PPP, the Biden-Harris administration will adopt bipartisan reforms included in the PPP Second Chance Act, co-sponsored by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD), Rob Portman (R-OH), Cory Booker (D-NJ), and James Lankford (R-OK), which would eliminate the second restriction (the one-year look-back) unless the applicant or owner is incarcerated at the time of the application.
  • Eliminate an exclusionary restriction that prevents small business owners who are delinquent on their federal student loans from obtaining relief through the Paycheck Protection Program. Currently, the PPP is not available to any business with at least 20 percent ownership by an individual who is currently delinquent or has defaulted within the last seven years on a federal debt, including a student loan. Millions of Americans are delinquent on student loans, including a disproportionate number of Black borrowers. Working with the Departments of the Treasury and Education, the SBA will remove the student loan delinquency restriction to broaden access to the PPP.
  • Ensure access for non-citizen small business owners who are lawful U.S. residents by clarifying that they may use Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) to apply for relief. The PPP statute is clear that all lawful U.S. residents may access the program, but a lack of guidance from the SBA has created inconsistency in access for ITIN holders like Green Card holders or those here on a visa. The SBA will address this unfair inconsistency by issuing clear guidance in the coming days that otherwise eligible applicants cannot be denied access to the PPP because they use ITINs to pay their taxes.

In addition to these five changes, the Biden-Harris administration has taken – and will continue to take – steps to ensure equitable distribution of relief that values each and every taxpayer dollar. These steps include:

  • Addressing waste, fraud, and abuse across all federal programs. Unlike the previous round of the PPP, loan guaranty approval is now contingent on passing SBA fraud checks, Treasury's Do Not Pay database, and public records. The SBA now also conducts manual loan reviews for the largest loans in the PPP portfolio and a random sampling of other loans. The SBA has worked, and will continue to work, with its lender partners to create streamlined processes to resolve issues as quickly as possible, while still ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.
  • Promoting transparency and accountability by improving the PPP loan application. To encourage self-reporting of demographic data and better illustrate the impact the PPP is having across various population segments, the Biden-Harris administration has revamped the PPP application.
  • Improving the Emergency Relief Digital Front Door. The Biden-Harris administration is working to update key areas of SBA websites to help more applicants find resources for understanding relief options and completing applications.
  • Continuing to conduct extensive stakeholder outreach to learn more about challenges and opportunities in the implementation of current emergency relief programs. The President has spoken with several small businesses owners in recent weeks to understand their concerns about relief program. And as part of the Administration's efforts to support America's small businesses, especially those in LMI communities, the Vice President spoke last week with the CEOs of major banks, to highlight the critical period ahead, the vital role that lenders have to play during this time, and the Administration's focus on PPP lending to underserved small businesses. In recent weeks, the Vice President has also met virtually with small business owners and Black Chambers of Commerce to discuss the challenges that small businesses face right now, and how passing the American Rescue Plan will provide critical relief during a difficult period. At all levels and across agencies, the administration will continue to engage with communities to inform the design and delivery of vital programs that meet their needs.
  • Enhancing the current lender engagement model. As part of the Biden-Harris Administration's commitment to further improve access to capital for small businesses, the SBA is launching a new initiative to deepen its relationships with lenders. This model will increase opportunity for lenders to provide recommendations and ask questions about the PPP and drive resolution of open questions and concerns in a more streamlined way.


Best Payroll Services & Companies: Three Months Free Payroll for Small Business By Payroll-Experts.Org - PRNewswire

Posted: 22 Feb 2021 07:51 AM PST

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Free Payroll Services for 3 months by the best payroll companies for small business at 2021: ADP Payroll Services and Paychex Flex Online Payroll software ensure a smooth payroll processing system for small business.

ADP Payroll Services and Paychex Flex Payroll Services Awarded as The Best Online Payroll Companies for small business By Payroll Experts for 2021, booth companies offer 3 months free payroll services for new clients:

ADP Payroll Services: 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Right Here 

Paychex Flex: 3 Months Free Payroll Services Free Quote Right Here

For any company, the most essential entity is its employees. The companies do not just spend their time and resources in recruiting and training these employees, but also depend on them for the seamless functioning of the business. It becomes crucial for each company, no matter the size, to ensure that the employees housed under it are paid timely and judicially. There are various payroll software for small businesses that provide various features along with the basic payroll calculation and management. Payroll Experts ensure to review these numerous websites and services that are available across the world to select the ones that pack the best features. 

Employees need to feel that they are as essential for the company as the company and their work is for them. By paying the employees without any delays and miscalculation, the company can make the first step towards showing that it cares for its employees.

Large companies usually have a dedicated human resource management system along with an accounts department that caters for the need of the payroll. The payroll services for small business are designed in a way that it can keep a record of the working hours of each employee along with their leaves, half-days, overtime, etc. All these variables make the free payroll software a complicated task that needs to be performed with undivided attention to avoid any mistakes. A slight mistake in calculating the salary of the employees can cost their trust in the company.

ADP Fast, Easy and Affordable Small Business Payroll – Free Quote Right Here 

Though a large size company can afford a separate department, such an exercise is meaningless for small businesses. The reasons behind this include a smaller sized staff along with not enough resources available that can be invested to create a separate full service payroll department. Small businesses and start-ups can employ other methods such as outsourcing a payroll online system to manage the salaries of their employees. Using such online payroll services can not only make the task easier for the business but also ensure that there are no errors in the calculation. 

ADP -  Best Payroll Services for Small Business

Working for more than 70 years, ADP has garnered positive views from across the world. They have provided their payroll services to more than 860,000 clients since their launch and have made sure that they stay up to date with the recent developments in the payroll system and technology. Their resume holds the experience of working with all sizes of companies, from small-sized businesses, holding less than 50 employees to companies housing more than 1000 employees at a time. 

Such a varied experience makes ADP one of the best companies for HR and payroll solutions, especially for small businesses. They not only provide a full-proof payroll system but also keep a seamless record of attendance of the employees. The businesses have the option of integrating their attendance management system with the ADP payroll services. They can also opt for various HR services provided by ADP to make sure that each employee can reach its full potential and drive the company to greater success. 

ADP Payroll services SPECIAL OFFER 3 months FREE payroll - Right Here

ADP is the best payroll service for small businesses that expect to grow shortly. As they can manage the responsibilities of HR and payroll for different sizes of companies, they will expand right along with the company itself. Thus, choosing ADP for the payroll software can ensure that one does not have to change the payroll software each time the company grows in size.

ADP ensures that each company gets a tailored system that can cater to all the needs and requirements. Such a process ensures that a business only pays for the features that it needs. ADP also gives the option to drop or add a feature in the plan as the company grows and modifies. The varying plan is immensely beneficial as it enables the online payroll system to match the pace of the business.

Whenever a person outsources a service, the first thing that they should confirm is that the service provider has a great customer support service. ADP packs a top-notch customer support system that is available 24/7 so that they can resolve any of the issues faced by the business immediately. One can contact customer support at ADP anytime and relay the problem that occurred in payroll management. ADP makes sure that all the problems are solved in minimum time.

Most companies can face the complaint of an outsource service not being able to understand an issue due to miscommunication and other such factors. Though, at ADP, the businesses can experience a quick resolution with the help of a dedicated team of the payroll providers.

ADP Payroll Services: 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Right Here 

ADP also ensures that as the business grows, they can avail of different services as per their needs. Some of these services are listed below that can ease the responsibilities that are usually tackled by an entire HR team. These services include recruitment, retirement, benefits management, and outsourcing. 

The pricing for each service that ADP offers differs as per the plan opted by the business. One will need to confer with the representatives at ADP regarding the services that they require to obtain the final sum of charges. Though the process may take longer, the final result is a finely tailored and customized plan that fulfils each need of the business. 

The small business payroll provider also hosts an app store that includes various applications. The business can avail of the benefits of these payroll apps to ease the process of payroll management and monitor the process at any time. 

The one thing that sets ADP apart from its competitors is that it has been in the business for several years now. It has been a benchmark name when it comes to HR outsourcing and payroll management services. For small businesses that plan to raise their scale and size of the staff in the future, a tie-up with ADP can prove to be beneficial and advantageous for their business in the long run. 

ADP Payroll Services: 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Here

One of the best payroll software, they offer various customized plans that are created to suit the varied needs of each company. Each plan has a different set of services included and has a cost corresponding to those services. The business can choose the plan that matches their requirements the best so that they can get the most beneficial services from ADP. Their various plans are listed below along with their price structure.      

Essential Plan They include services such as reports regarding new hires, options for different payment options, general ledger interface, and onboarding tools for new recruits.   

Enhanced Plan Along with all the services of the essential plan, it includes unemployment insurance management, getting paper checks that feature ADP signs, as well as background checks for new employees. 

Complete Plan The plan includes all the services listed in the complete plan along with additional HR services such as job posting and applicant training, a dedicated support team, and employee handbook.    

HR Pro Plan The plan is perfect for large scale companies as it includes all the features of HR services listed in the complete plan along with HR support system, training of employee and employee, sexual harassment prevention training, etc.  

The company can update the paid-time-off policy that is observed for different types of employees. As per the plan, ADP will take variables such as medical leaves, paid vacations, part-time leave, etc., into payroll accounting while calculating the salary. 

The payroll services for small businesses provided by ADP can be integrated into other systems and software such as attendance service and human resource software that the business is currently using. Through integration, the company can ensure that none of their data is lost in the transfer process and there is smooth contact between all the interrelated services.

ADP 3 Months Free Payroll Services For New Customers - Free Quote Here 

Paychex Flex - Best Payroll Company For Small Business

Payroll Experts also lists down Paychex Flex as one of the best payroll companies for small business. Paychex Flex is another flexible provider that can accommodate the payroll needs of companies and businesses of all sizes. They offer a flexible system that can be customized as per the size and needs of the business. 

Paychex online ensures to handle all the services required under a payroll system along with regulating and handling the payroll tax obligations. They offer four basic plans that can be modified and range in the terms of services included and the size of the company for which they are created. 

For a small business, they offer the basic online payroll services that encompass tax filings as well. One can also choose to add attendance services to merge both the systems in one place. It can decrease the workload of HR and ensure that there are minimal to none mistakes in the calculation of the salary of each employee. 

For a mid-sized company, Paychex Flex offers not just the full payroll services but also other services included in HR. They can provide HR administration as well as searching, interviewing, and recruiting new employees for the business. They also ensure to perform background checks of the people that the company is looking to recruit. 

Paychex Flex OFFER 3 months FREE payroll – Free Quote Here

For larger businesses and companies, Paychex hosts various plans that can suit the varying needs of a company of such a vast size. These businesses may need a cheque system with a personalized logo or salary paid through direct depositions in the bank account of the employee. Any system and feature that the company may require can add to the payroll system offered by Paychex Flex. 

Paychex Flex's foremost and most essential feature is payroll processing. Through their customized and accurate software, they calculate the amount that an employee needs to be paid. The calculation is done by processing the number of working days in the month, attendance of the employees, policy of overtime, along with other occasional additions such as bonuses, commissions, incentives, etc. The additions and deductions can be modified as per the policy that is followed in the business. 

One has the option to have their checks printed by Paychex Flex as well. Along with that, they can choose to pay the employees through a payment card or direct deposit. The options are provided so that all sizes of companies can choose the one that is perfect for them. 

Paychex Flex also handles the taxes and other deductions that are to be made in the online payroll system. They ensure that their team files the payroll taxes, verifies them, and submits them on time. They give special attention to the accuracy and perfection in the case of payroll tax compliance so that there are no penalties for mistakes that a company may face. 

One of the biggest benefits that Paychex Flex as one of the top payroll companies provides is expert-curated reports based on the payroll of the past month of the year. These reports are created for the reference of the business. With the help of the customized payroll reports, the businesses can draw conclusions such as employees' dedication towards work, people who deserve a raise or bonus, and other such essential HR decisions. 

Paychex Flex: 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Right Here

They also offer other HR services such as background checking of new-hires. They create a detailed report that includes all the relevant information regarding the new recruit that can be beneficial for the company. Along with that, they can also provide services for the onboarding of new recruits. In the onboarding process, Paychex Flex helps the new recruits to complete all the required documents needed to be registered as an official employee at the company. Documents such as employee form, tax information, personal details, etc., are provided by Paychex Flex in the standard or e-format, as per the requirements of the business. 

Paychex is a cloud-hosted system. That is, all their services and software are uploaded on cloud storage and are encrypted to secure them against any data breach. The cloud-based system enables companies all around the world to avail themselves of the services provided by Paychex Flex as they can reach the database any time of the day through the integration of cloud technology. They also ensure that the complete system is straightforward and easy to use and navigate. The applications offered by Paychex have all the essential features and none of the clutter that can make online payroll services management a tedious task. 

Being one of the most trusted payroll system providers, Paychex can accommodate the paying system for all kinds of employees, from regular and full-time workers to part-time workers, remote workers, and freelancers. They also provide easy access so that different kinds of employees can be paid through different sets of policies. 

Most small businesses do not have a dedicated HR department that can perform various essential activities such as recruiting and background-checking new employees, managing the onboarding process, etc. Paychex merges the features of the payroll system along with functionalities of HR to provide an all-encompassing service for small businesses. 

Paychex charges monthly for their services instead of following a pay per payroll system. Thus, it eases managing the costs of the payroll services as the business will now have to pay for them monthly, whether they use it once several times. 

Paychex Flex Payroll: 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Here

The best feature of Paychex is that it has an easy system for signifying under which category an employee falls. One can select the category for each employee, and the payroll system manages their pay accordingly. Furthermore, the company does not charge for different kinds of employees. Under a certain plan, the charge for each employee, no matter their category, remains the same. 

It also has the system of autopilot for those companies whose payroll system does not change frequently. Thus, once the business has updated the database and the policy of payment that is followed for each kind of employee, the system will calculate the corresponding pay of the employees each month automatically. It includes all the variables that one needs to consider while calculating the salary of the employees including all deductions and additions required. 

They ensure an accurate and timely filing of payroll tax filing. The software has been coded to calculate the taxes automatically as per the data upgraded each month and create a report. The complete responsibilities of payroll taxes are handled by the dedicated team at Paychex. 

They also offer various payments options through which the employees can be provided with their salaries. These options include direct deposit, printed cheques, and prepaid debit cards. The companies can either print the payroll checks by themselves or employ a business partner for the task. 

Setting up the online payroll system is effortless. One will need to log in to the system and enter the details of employees, such as the hours worked, vacations, commissions, bonuses, and other deductions and additions. Paychex provides access to all employees through a special login provided to each employee. The employees can log in to the payroll system to file for leave or leave a complaint regarding any miscalculation in their salaries.

Paychex Flex 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Here 

By outsourcing payroll companies for small businesses can ensure that each employee is paid timely and accurately with the least hustle. The additional services that are hosted by various payroll service providers can also help the company in other departments, such as recruiting and HR responsibilities.


SOURCE Payroll Experts

Paychex Flex Online Payroll: Three Months Free Payroll Services For small business By Payroll-Experts.org - PRNewswire

Posted: 22 Feb 2021 06:13 AM PST

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Paychex Flex Online Payroll Services Awarded As The Best Payroll online Service for small business By Payroll Experts for 2021, Paychex Flex currently running a promotion for 3 months of free payroll services for new clients, more about Paychex Flex free payroll services at the official website - Free Quote Here  

Payroll Experts believe in serving their customers only with the best. The company reviews and compares various online payroll companies that offer to calculate small business payroll. With the market flourishing, it can get hard to choose what online payroll services offer the best deals. Payroll services for small business includes critically analyzing and comparing all payroll companies online and deciding which one is superior. The team at Payroll Experts spends hours studying each detail about the numerous payroll companies, their offers, details, prices and all other information. This top-notch service makes the lives of small and medium-sized business owners convenient while decoding what payroll software is the one for their company. This year, Payroll Experts have chosen Paychex Flex as the best payroll services for small business owners. This decision was taken after weeks of constant comparison with other companies, and Paychex Flex managed to grab the winner's title with their top-quality service and best deals.

Founded in 1971 by B. Thomas Golisano, Paychex Flex is an online payroll services company. The company swears by making the lives of its customers easier when it comes to payroll distribution. Small and medium scale companies often find it a tedious task to manage their payrolls smoothly, this is when Paychex Flex promises to seek out the issue by handling the companies payrolls. Paychex Flex handles the entire payroll management for the business, making it easy for small to medium sized business owners to distribute salary to their employees. The online payroll services company keeps track of employees, their tax administration, in-out time as well as attendance details. The company is a leading provider of not just payrolls, but also retirement plans, employee benefits, business insurance and integrated HR management. 

Paychex Online Payroll: Fast, Easy and AffordableFree Quote Right Here

Paychex Flex is a payroll software company with more than 45 years of experience in the field. The company began with an investment of just $3000. Growing from an investment that small, the company managed to establish 18 franchises and several partnerships. In current times, the company has over 680,000 clients in the U.S.A and Northern Europe. According to the Paychex payroll statistics, the company is responsible for handling the Paychex payroll of every 1 in 12 employees in the U.S. private sector alone. In total, the company manages payrolls of around 12 million employees.

The fact sheet uploaded by Paychex Flex on their online website reveals more data about the company's work and achievements. The company proudly reveals 117,000 clients have been with Paychex for more than a decade, generating a revenue of $4 billion for the payroll company. Statistics show that Paychex payroll has transferred more than $750 billion each year and continues to grow with every new fiscal year. 

Paychex Flex has its headquarters situated in Rochester, New York. The company calculates its income, revenue and expenditure based on the fiscal year from June 1st to May 31st. Since 2010, Martin Mucci has taken the position of CEO and President of this company providing Paychex payroll services for small business owners. Paychex Flex has grabbed several impressive awards like World's Most Admired Companies — Fortune, Next Generation Payroll Services Leader — NelsonHall, World's Most Ethical Companies —  Ethisphere Institute, America's Best Employers for Diversity, America's Best Employers for Women, Future 50 — Forbes, Most Interesting AI Companies in HR Technology — HRExaminer, HR Technology Award Winner — Lighthouse Research, Excellence in Technology Winner — Brandon Hall Groupand HR Technology Award Winner — TalentCulture.

Paychex Flex OFFER 3 months FREE payroll – Free Quote Here

Payroll Experts picked Paychex Flex to be its 2021 best online payroll services company due to the various benefits the latter offers to its customers. The list of services included in the Paychex payroll checklist goes beyond just distributing salaries. The company claims to, as quoted "engage employees, increase efficiency, and grow your business." Paychex labels its Paychex online payroll services as 'intuitive' and 'user-friendly', allowing employees access to its services within a few clicks. Paychex.com also has a 24/7 support team that is open to answer any doubts, queries or complaints of its clients. Payroll Experts have hence chosen Paychex Flex as the best online payroll services for small business owners. 

Paychex online offers 3 variants to choose from, depending on the needs of the client.

Paychex Flex Select is open for all sizes of business, small, medium and large. With flexible payment options and submission of payroll either over the phone or online, this becomes a good option for payroll handling. 

Paychex Go is constructed specifically to serve the needs of small businesses. The said business can submit the required information and run the online payroll services within 24 hours. 

For large scale businesses, Paychex Flex Enterprise has services to cater to its specific needs of larger employees, complicated data management and additional features for larger brands. 

The capacity and allowance of the number of employees depend upon what Paychex plan has been purchased. Paychex Go can handle up to 10 employees and is hence, meant for small businesses. Upgrading to Paychex Flex will allow 10 to 49 employees to have their payrolls kept in check. Larger businesses with more than 50 to 1000+ employees can opt for the Paychex Flex Enterprise plan to suit their size. 

Small scale business owners who operate the company via phones, can avail the benefits of the Paychex Flex app. 

Paychex.com offers features depending on what plan the client purchases. Different plans cater to different needs, however, some facilities are commonly provided in all plans for Paychex online services. Common features available in all three plans are: Online payroll services, Tax administration for payroll, Direct deposits, 24/7 customer care, Payroll across 50 states and W-2 and 1099 processing.

Paychex Flex: 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Right Here

Another excellent feature of Paychex Flex is its mobile app. The Paychex Flex app makes the handling of payrolls easier for employees. The dashboard feature introduced in the Paychex Flex app allows clients to enter, submit and review payroll applications. Paychex app allows employees to view their current and last payroll. Business owners and employees have access to employee records and benefits provided to them. The app has been installed by several businesses and its employees over 1,000,000+ times on Android. Users of the Android 7.0 version and above are eligible to avail themselves of the benefits of the Paychex app. The application requires a 24MB storage space to be installed on the phone. The current version is 7.7.0 updated recently in February 2021. 

For all accounting professionals, Paychex Flex application features options like AccountantHQ and a dashboard centralized for accounting professionals allowing them to access all clients from one platform alone. 

Payment options through Paychex Flex can be done by either depositing the money directly free of cost or by paying employees using a pay card. Features like cheque signing services, paper cheques and cheque logos are available to users of Paychex Flex Select and Enterprise. It allows business owners to easily create cheques for all employees for each payment period. 

The multi-payroll option allows business administration to quickly pay the salary of a large group of employees by selecting their names at once. Paychex payroll Go users may pay additional charges to avail of the additional features. Paychex Flex also offers its clients supervised payroll tax administration and new-hiring reports. This allows small business owners to be assured about calculations, paperwork filings and payroll taxes. Tax administration is one feature business owners definitely must look for before selecting payroll software for small business. 

Paychex Flex Payroll: 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Here

To make things more comfortable for business owners, Paychex Flex carries the feature of an employee self-service portal. This way, employees can themselves avail of all personal information and keep track of past online payroll transactions credited to them. The portal grants access to important tax documents like W-2 to all employees and allows them to manage their holidays or sick leaves. Every report noted on Paychex.com can be transferred to Microsoft Excel if owners require any additional customization. The final reports can be saved as a PDF file as well. 

The additional features offered by Paychex.com to benefit small business owners include - Keeping track of attendance and time, Business insurance, Benefits of employees, HR services, Hiring services, Startup Services and Finance.

To track time online of all employees the feature of Time and Attendance provided by Paychex Flex proves to be useful. Employees can enter their in and out time by using online modes or the Paychex app available on PlayStore. Additional features like accessibility to income forms, income verification services, Paychex.com Learning Management helps train employees and provide ease to HR administration. These modules can be included in the desired variant either Paychex Go, Flex Select or Enterprise by paying additional prices varying for each feature. 

Paychex Flex has an easy to operate dashboard. Navigating through the website is kept simple to avoid mishaps. All features and options are visible on the upper dashboard on the front page of the Paychex Flex website. Features commonly accessed by users are displayed on the dashboard like Quick access, Current payroll and Previous payroll. Paychex payroll also provides the option to view the employee list and edit it to add or delete names. 

Businesses can present their financial data to the computerized system operator of Paychex online payroll services after completing the initial setup procedure. The data can also be filled in the application. The entry screen for payroll is designed as a matrix to keep the entering and tracking of all data simple. This avoids confusion and keeps the visuals looking manageable. A tax liability report and a payroll register can be accessed and automatically printed after completing payroll documentation. 

Paychex Flex 3 Months Free Payroll Services - Free Quote Here

It allows employees to closely examine their tax documents and review them. Features in Paychex Flex online payroll services also provide options to edit and review each payroll list. This allows business owners to edit any sick leaves, vacations taken by employees and also add bonus information and the number of working hours of each employee. 

The pricing for Paychex Go begins at $59/month for the company and $4 assessed of every employee. This rate is decided while keeping in mind the targeted audience for which Paychex Go is specifically designed, i.e. small businesses. This variant can host up to 10 employees for one business. Paychex Flex offers the option for requesting free quotes of the price for Paychex Flex Select and Enterprise. Clients have to pay an additional set up fee, along with the subscription money depending on their selected package. 

Paychex has kept the features available in higher priced packages open to all its clients. Business owners can customize their package by selecting additional add-ons to their variant as per their requirements. Such add-ons have different prices which can be found out by contacting Paychex. 

Paychex is commended by its client for its top-quality customer care service. Employees and administrators both have separate support pages to answer all queries, requests and complaints. Offering 24/7 phone and chat customer service, Paychex also lets clients contact customer care via their application or by logging into the Paychex.com support page.

An individual and dedicated customer care service are provided to clients with Select and Enterprise packages. This customer care helps with the setup of the online payroll service and later becomes the individual point of contact for any further queries or doubts. A toll-free number has also been set up by Paychex for the clients' comfort and ease. 

Paychex allows its customers to create special fields according to the demands of their businesses. Flexibility in defining deductions for sectors like health insurance is offered too, however, this feature is common for most online payroll services websites. Its two-step factor authentication is a feature often praised by clients of Paychex.

Paychex Flex 3 Months Free Payroll Processing - Free Quote Right Here

Covid19 pandemic has changed the way business has been done over the years. Dynamics have evolved, giving place to new technologies and removing old ones. Paychex Flex has come up with new features in their online payroll services to help small businesses cope with the up-and-coming challenges in the business world. A survey conducted by Paychex reveals that almost a third of businesses have granted their employees to work remotely, following the after-effects of the pandemic. This new-normal has resulted in technology becoming a vital part of almost every business.

Paychex came up with a feature called 'Conversations' in the summers of 2019. This new feature aimed at strengthening employee interactions and connections. This keeps the workers engaged and focused.

Paychex Flex has features that make the company ideal for all small as well as mid-sized businesses. The company, along with being an online payroll services platform, also provides training to employees in various fields. This training is given by documentation, live online classes, and webinars to keep up with the new-normal technology of online mode and even In-person training sessions.

The deployment facilities on Paychex Flex are based on options of desktop application, mobile application and self-hosted cloud-based program. The browsers that can be used are Apple Safari and Google Chrome. A cloud-based system makes the task easy and manageable while also offering simple flexibility to all businesses according to their operation scale. Information gets stored on the cloud without any fear of losing crucial document matter. 

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Paychex Flex makes it uncomplicated for administration and owners of small and medium businesses to keep track of employees while using their online payroll services. Not just payroll, business owners can also demand information of their employees in and out time, attendance, vacation leaves and sick leaves by using the Time and Attendance additional feature of Paychex Flex.

Payroll information can be set up by application and can be reported and handled via email, phones and even manually. The information stored and entered into Paychex by a valid browser is stored in the cloud and is always kept secure. The company ensures complete security and manages the federal state laws and regulations depending on the locality of the client's business. Paychex Flex grants its client's the option to either let Paychex handle their tax administration and provide detailed reports to the employees or let the business do the same for themselves. This accessibility allows business owners to entirely control their cash flows. 

Paychex Flex offers its clients a variety of easy, accessible options to surf through and select the one they prefer. Described as 'one-stop-shop', Paychex makes the jobs of business owners and administrations less hectic, allowing them to focus more on other such important work involved in running a business. In times of the pandemic, Paychex Flex has managed to keep up with evolving times and provide all the latest, tech-friendly features for its clients. Small businesses are sure to benefit from these online payroll services, providing them more time to carefully review other crucial aspects of their business. 

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