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New Shopify Point of Sale System for Small Business - Small Business TrendsNew Shopify Point of Sale System for Small Business - Small Business TrendsPosted: 08 May 2020 09:07 AM PDT The new Shopify point of sale system readies small businesses post-pandemic.It helps merchants adapt and rebuild the future of retail, they say. And, it assists merchants in building and refining a solid omnichannel strategy.Shopify's POS will bring in-person and online sales into one convenient location. The system helps sellers stay resilient and flexible, the company says.New Shopify Point of Sale SystemPost COVID-19, small retailers face an abundanceof changes. Issues related to employee and customer health and safety are not going to disappear overnight.Hence the importance for omnichannel retail solutions. Omnichannel retailing brings together a store's physical and digital shops. So, customers can connect to a retailer's online and physical shopping platforms seamlessly.Further, Shopify …

North Korea accuses the Trump administration of 'misleading' the public after nuclear talks break down - Business Insider

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North Korea accuses the Trump administration of 'misleading' the public after nuclear talks break down - Business Insider

North Korea accuses the Trump administration of 'misleading' the public after nuclear talks break down - Business Insider

Posted: 06 Oct 2019 01:13 PM PDT

  • After nuclear talks between the US and North Korea broke down in Stockholm on Saturday, Pyongyang accused the Trump administration of "misleading" the public by claiming the discussions were "good."
  • North Korea simultaneously warned that if the US does not change its approach by the end of the year then relations between the two countries "may immediately come to an end."
  • This came just days after North Korea tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile, in one of its most provocative moves since denuclearization talks began. 
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North Korea on Sunday accused the US of "misleading" the public on the status of nuclear talks a day after discussions between the two sides in Stockholm broke down within just hours following an eight-month stalemate. 

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said the Trump administration was "misleading the public opinion by touting 'good discussions,'" The Washington Post reported, as it simultaneously warned that if the US does not change its approach by the end of the year then relations between the two countries "may immediately come to an end."

"We have no intention to hold such sickening negotiations as what happened this time before the US takes a substantial step," a North Korean foreign ministry spokesperson was quoted as saying in a state news report cited by The Wall Street Journal.

The talks in Stockholm fell apart after roughly eight and a half hours. Following the discussions, the two sides offered conflicting reports on the nature of the dialogue. 

North Korea's top nuclear envoy, Kim Myong Gil, on Saturday said the meeting "failed to live up to our expectations and broke down."

Read more: North Korea claims its 'significant' submarine-launched missile test succeeded

Meanwhile, the State Department in a statement said comments from the North Korean delegation "do not reflect the content or the spirit of today's 8 1/2 hour discussion." The statement said the US "brought creative ideas and had good discussions" with its North Korean counterparts.

North Korea evidently disagrees fervently, and just days after it tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile. The test, which took place on Wednesday, was the most provocative missile test conducted by Pyongyang since the denuclearization talks with the US began. 

Amid the denuclearization talks, Trump has taken to boasting about his strong relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, widely considered one of the most repressive rulers in the world. But their publicly amicable relationship has done little to expedite the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, nor have any of their three meetings. 

The US has said it's open to returning to talks in two weeks, but North Korea is pushing against resuming discussions as its state news accuses the US of "spreading a completely ungrounded story."

This is not the first time North Korea has pushed against the Trump administration's summary of talks between the two countries — they did so after Trump's second summit with Kim in Vietnam fell apart earlier this year. But it's yet another bump in the road for the Trump administration in the prolonged discussions with the North Koreans on its nuclear program and aggressive activities. 

Business News in Brief, week of Oct. 6, 2019 - New Haven Register

Posted: 06 Oct 2019 04:00 AM PDT

ACES Business Advisory Council sets Employer Recognition Dinner

The ACES Business Advisory Council will hold is 20th annual Employer Recognition Dinner at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 16 at Anthony's Ocean View in New Haven.

The BAC "works with ACES staff to provide employment and vocational training opportunities for students and clients in ACES ACCESS program, ACES Whitney High Academy, and ACES Whitney High School North," according to a release, and aims to "enhance employment opportunities for ACES students and adult special needs populations."

Approximately 80 regional businesses will be honored, and guest speaker will be Christopher Baker of Highfield Manufacturing Co., a division of Rexnord Corp. based in Milwaukee, Wisc. Highfield has been an ACES partner since 1987 with ACES Work Services, the release said, and has used ACES participants in manufacturing, assembly and packaging.

Area radio host Brian Smith, formerly of WQUN, will act as host for the event. Tickets are $48 per person and are available online at Advertising opportunities also are available for the evening's program by contacting Tenisha Biggs at 203-498-6800 or

CTGLC sets annual meeting

HARTFORD — The Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual membership meeeting from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Oct. 15 at the Marriott Hartford Downtown, 200 Columbus Blvd.

Keynote speaker will be state Comptroller Kevin Lembo. The event also will feature election of board members and officers, and approval of the 2020 budget, according to a release.

For information or to register, visit

Women Redefining Retirement to meet

MILFORD — Women Redefining Retirement will meet at 7 p.m. Oct. 14 at Golden Hill Rehabilitation Pavilion, 2028 Bridgeport Ave.

Speaker will be Eric Chandler, of The Past Presented, who will give a presentation, "Women in the American Revolution: Putting the 'Her' in Heroics." Winter clothing will be collected for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and food donations will fo the the Milford Senior Center.

New members welcome. Visit

Housatonic River Job Network sessions slated

ORANGE — The Housatonic River Job Network will hold two sessions on Saturday, Oct. 12 at Case Memorial Library, 176 Tyler City Road.

The first session will be held at 11 a.m. with guest speaker Tina Kadish, a freedom strategist, life coach, money motivator and owner of Life Is Ideal, and the topic will be "Top 10 Interviewing tips to Improve Your Job Search."

The second session will be held at 1:30 p.m. and will feature speaker Anne Graney, owner of A.G. Resume Services, and the topic will be "Effective Resume and Cover Letter Strategies in Today's Market."

For information, email

Connecticut Gastroenterology opens Shoreline location

OLD SAYBROOK — Connecticut Gastroenterology Consultants, PC, has opened a new office in town, at 1250 Bosston Post Road, according to a release.

The business is made up of independent physicians with privileges at Yale New Haven Health, the release said, and offers Shoreline residents more convenient access to its state-of-the-art endoscopy center and a full suite of services.

"We're thrilled to be opening this new facility to better serve our patients on the Shoreline by bringing their care closer to home," Dr. Sidney Bogardus, oresident and CEO of CT Gastro, said in the release. "As a Center of Excellence offering advanced care in all conditions involving the liver and gastrointestinal system, we have been providing care to patients in the Greater New Haven and Shoreline areas for years. Our new office will make it possible for patients to receive the same world class care and important medical services without leaving their local community."

Office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For information, visit

Forever 21's business model was way out of fashion -

Posted: 30 Sep 2019 11:04 AM PDT

Forever 21's financial troubles that prompted the fast-fashion stalwart to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Sunday stemmed from a combination of an overextended retail footprint and growing competition, retail analysts said.

"Expanding too much, too soon and primarily in mall locations contributed to Forever 21's problems," said Alexis DeSalva, senior analyst for retail and e-commerce at market research firm Mintel.

Although there were some suggestions that shoppers, particularly younger ones, have been gravitating away from fast-fashion chains and prioritizing brands that promote images of social consciousness, Mark A. Cohen, director of retail studies and adjunct professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, argued that the success of competitors like Zara suggested that changing consumer tastes weren't at the forefront of Forever 21's challenges. "There's nothing wrong with the 'fast-fashion' and 'value pricing' genres in customers' eyes," he said.

"Women still want affordable fashion, but many are focused on practicality, something that isn't necessarily associated with trips to the mall anymore," DeSalva said.

When shopper trends started shifting towards a model that benefited smaller stores, Forever 21 went in the opposite direction, expanding the size of its brick-and-mortar footprint. The company, which has 815 stores globally, said it planned to close most of those in Asia and Europe, and as many as 178 of its more than 500 stores in the U.S.

"[There were] too many stores in too many increasingly weak malls that were increasingly larger in size than Forever 21 could productively manage," Cohen said. "Taking advantage of a surplus of cheap oversize real estate lead them to begin to merchandise categories in which they had little to no expertise," he said.

"That whole industry was all about who could do it bigger, so they ended up being over-leveraged," said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at The NPD Group, a market research firm. "They had an abundance of locations, they had oversized locations," he said.

Consumers — especially young ones — just don't spend as much on clothes today, preferring experiences and entertainment.

By rent, Forever 21 is the seventh-largest tenant of mall owner Simon Property Group, and real estate is likely to be a key focus of its restructuring. The company said it would use the $350 million in financing it obtained in advance of its Chapter 11 filing to "right size its store base."

"Maybe this is the extreme measure they needed to take to get out of bad leases and renegotiate existing ones," said Sucharita Kodali, a retail analyst at Forrester Research.

Today, shoppers don't need a glitzy mall storefront to discover new brands. "The customer's migration from shopping in brick-and-mortar, mall-based stores over to the Internet hasn't helped them," Columbia's Cohen said.

While Amazon has played a huge role in changing how Americans shop overall, it actually has had less of an impact in fashion than other categories of merchandise, Kodali said, adding that smaller online startups today are using social media to connect directly with a customer base in a way that wasn't possible in Forever 21's heyday of the big mall era. "There are other online fashion stores with big Instagram presences that may have played a bigger role," she said.

What's more, consumers — especially young ones — just don't spend as much on clothes today. "The younger generation would rather be seen at the right place than wearing the right outfit," NPD's Cohen said, adding that younger shoppers tend to spend more on experiences and entertainment.

"Shoppers just don't appear to be growing their apparel spend. They are spending on phones, digital goods, beauty products and streetwear," Kodali said.

"Consumers are still visiting malls, but not always to shop," DeSalva said. "The women who shopped fast-fashion retailers like Forever 21 when they were younger and when the retailer was at its peak now have different priorities."

German factory orders slump as investor confidence hits six-year low - business live - The Guardian

Posted: 07 Oct 2019 01:50 AM PDT


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