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How to change the name of your Facebook business page on desktop or mobile, when you're looking to rebrand - Business Insider

How to change the name of your Facebook business page on desktop or mobile, when you're looking to rebrand - Business Insider

How to change the name of your Facebook business page on desktop or mobile, when you're looking to rebrand - Business Insider

Posted: 16 May 2019 06:52 AM PDT

A Facebook page can offer your followers an easy way to find your contact information, products, recent projects and more.

But let's say you have a solid following but want to consider a rebrand. That means rethinking your social media presence as well, including the basics, such as changing your handles to match your new name.

Your Facebook page is made up of both a general page name and a handle. If you want to change your Facebook page name, there are a few stipulations and best practices you should keep in mind. For starters, make sure you choose a name you really feel confident about so that you won't have to change your name page too frequently and confuse followers.

Once you decide on a new moniker, here's how to make the change — from both desktop and mobile.

How to change your Facebook page name on desktop

1. Go to your page and click on "About" from the left-hand side menu.

Click "About."
Eva Recinos/Business Insider

2. In that menu you should see some of the main attributes of your page under "General." Hit "Edit" next to "Name."

Click "Edit" next to your page's current name.
Eva Recinos/Business Insider

3. You will then see a new window that reads "Request New Page Name." Facebook will need to approve your change to make sure the new name isn't misleading or inappropriate. This window gives you a few quick pointers about the best way to choose a new name. Among them: don't use the word "official" or "Facebook" in the new title.

Facebook is generally flexible when it comes to names, but there are a few rules about what sort of words they don't want.
Eva Recinos/Business Insider

You can see the full parameters for Facebook page names here. This section gives a bit more insight into what other phrases or words to avoid; for example, you can't use a Facebook page name that's just "generic words," like "pizza."

Your Facebook page title will also have to be 75 characters max. Once you choose a new Facebook page name, hit "Continue."

How to change your Facebook page name on mobile

If you're on mobile, here's how to make the change from the Facebook app on an iPhone.

1. On your page, find the "About" section by scrolling to the left on the main menu at the top.

Tap "About" at the top of your page.
Eva Recinos/Business Insider

2. Click on "Edit Page Info."

Tap to edit your page's info, including its name.
Eva Recinos/Business Insider

3. You'll see an "Update Page Info" screen next, where you can see the same major categories as the desktop version.

Tap any of the fields to edit them.
Eva Recinos/Business Insider

4. Tap on the "Name" field and type in your new page name.

Now you can share your new page name with followers.

Facebook Launches New Tools for Small Businesses - Search Engine Journal

Posted: 09 May 2019 03:14 PM PDT


Facebook is rolling out new tools to help businesses run automated ad campaigns, book appointments, and edit videos.

Automated Ads

With Automated Ads, Facebook can develop a customized marketing plan after asking a few simple questions about your business and your goals.

"Automated Ads to take the guesswork out of creating effective ads that can run on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network."

Some of the top features of Automated Ads include:

  • Create up to six different versions of your ad automatically.
  • Audience options or recommendations based on information from your Page.
  • A recommended budget most likely to generate results based on your goal.
  • Notifications to keep you informed about how your ads are performing.

Manage Appointments

A new appointment booking feature will let businesses take and manage appointments through Facebook and Instagram.

Whether or not your business is running Facebooks ads you can still access this new feature.

With the new 'manage appointments' feature, businesses can:

  • Accept appointments online
  • Send reminders to customers through Messenger or text message
  • Customize a list of services
  • Add hours of availability
  • Sync appointments with a personal calendar or another appointment management tool

Video Editing

A new video editing feature in Ads Manager offers new ways to edit existing video.

This feature contains three new tools in total:

  • Automatic cropping
  • Video trimming
  • Image and text overlays

These tools are designed to make it simple and fast for businesses to edit video so they can get back to, well, running a business.

According to Facebook's internal data, the platform is home to over 90 million small businesses as of January 2019. Facebook remains committed to improving the experience for this valuable user base.

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