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google business

google business

Google My Business Adds New Seasonal Business Guidelines - Search Engine Journal

Posted: 16 Mar 2019 01:34 PM PDT

Google My Business has updated its guidelines with new rules and regulations for seasonal businesses.

The new guidelines for seasonal businesses have details about setting business hours during off-season months. There's a new step involved that users should be aware of.

Temporarily Closed During Off-Season Months

If you manage a listing for a seasonal business, it's now important to have it marked as "temporarily closed" during off-season months.

Previously, the listing could remain "open" during off-season months as long as the business hours were deleted from Google My Business.

Now the entire listing needs to be marked as (temporarily) closed. When the business appears in search results it will have a noticeable red label that says "temporarily closed."

Marking a Business as Temporarily Closed

Compared to just deleting business hours, there are more steps involved during this new process of closing up for the season.

Google My Business does not allow listings to mark themselves as temporarily closed.

In order to do so, the owner of the listing would have to contact Google My Business support and request the "temporarily closed" setting.

When the business reopens, just set up the regular business hours again.

Here is the entire new section about businesses with seasonal hours that was added to Google My Business:

If your business has seasonal hours, use the following guidelines:

  • During the season in which your business is open, set your regular hours of operation. You may set special hours for holidays, temporary closures, or other events.
    • You can also indicate that your business is open only for a specific seasonal period in your business description.
  • During off-season, contact support to have your business marked as temporarily closed. Alternatively, you can mark your business as permanently closed during this period.
    • Set your regular business hours when your business reopens.

Google Teaches Ohioans About Digital Tool For Small Businesses - WOSU

Posted: 18 Mar 2019 11:18 AM PDT

A job training effort hosted by tech giant Google held its first Ohio workshop in Columbus at the main downtown library Monday.

Grow With Google workshops aim to familiarize small business owners and employees with digital tools they can integrate into their work, such as Google Drive and Google Sheets. (Grow with Google is also an underwriter of WOSU.)

The idea behind this event, said Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, is to break down barriers preventing people from learning digital skills vital to being competitive in today's economy.

"The states that do this best will be the ones that win," Husted said at the workshop. "The communities that do this best will be the ones that win, and the ones that don't will fall behind."

Husted says he hopes this will be part of a larger emphasis on workforce training and will help integrate people with disabilities more into Ohio's economy.

"If you want everybody to participate in a growing economy, you've got to reach out and find everybody," Husted said. "It can't be just the people who've traditionally been in tech."

Grow With Google is hosting workshops around the U.S., and will visit Akron and Lima next week.

Google announced in February that it plans on building a $600 million data center in New Albany this year.

Google Spent Years on a Secret New Plan to Attack a $140 Billion Industry. It All Starts Tomorrow - Inc.

Posted: 17 Mar 2019 09:48 PM PDT

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