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google business

Google Maps opens up complaint form for reporting fraudulent activity on business listings - 9to5Google

Posted: 28 Feb 2019 08:35 AM PST

One of the most used apps on your device is probably Google Maps. From navigation to information about nearby businesses, it's a huge source of information. Now, Google is introducing a complaint form for Maps which allows easy reporting of misleading or fraudulent activity.

The best gifts for Android users

This new form is designed (via SearchEngineLand) to make it easy for both users and businesses to report misleading information or fraudulent activity on the name, phone number, or URL of a listing. This isn't to be used simply to correct that information when it is entered incorrectly but to ensure that information isn't being tampered with by a malicious third-party or perhaps a competitor.

Specifically, the form requests that users input their full name, an email address for further contact, the name of the person or business being affected, a way to identify the affected listing, and also space for a detailed explanation of why the listing is fraudulent or malicious.

If you come across misleading information or fraudulent activity on Google Maps related to the name, phone number, or URL of a business, you may use this form to submit a complaint. Complaints submitted through this form will be reviewed in accordance with our guidelines for representing businesses on Google Maps.

Please note that completing and submitting this form does not guarantee that any action will be taken on your request. Also, if your complaint is not related to fraudulent activity on the name, phone number, or URL of the business, we will not be able to review your complaint.

You can access the Business Redressal Complaint Form on Google's Help Center.

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Google My Business Introduces a New Way to Report Spam - Search Engine Journal

Posted: 27 Feb 2019 02:55 PM PST

Google has developed a new solution for reporting fraudulent activity relating to Google My Business and Maps.

Users can now submit a complaint form when they come across a Maps or GMB listing that leads to fraudulent activity.

Complaints submitted through this form will be reviewed in accordance with Google's guidelines for representing businesses on Google Maps.

With this new solution in place, Google has decided to close the spam board on the Google My Business forums.

Previously, that's where spam-related issues would be reported. Users can now use the new complaint form.

More Information About the Complaint Form

Joy Hawkins reached out to Google to get more information about the new form. She published what she learned on her local search message board.

Users will get a generic response after submitting a complaint. Google will not provide specific details about how the complaint was handled.

The complaint form lets users upload spreadsheets for reporting multiple locations at the same time.

Currently, the form should not be used for reporting fake reviews. Those complaints should be directed to Google My Business social support on Twitter or Facebook.

The form is intended for reporting fraudulent activity related to the name, phone number, or URL of a business.

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Google’s .dev domain officially opens for business through any registrar - VentureBeat

Posted: 28 Feb 2019 08:46 AM PST

Google is officially launching its .dev top-level domain (TLD) into general availability from today.

The internet giant opened up early-access registrations to .dev domains just last week, though prices originally were astronomical — the inaugural phase was more about letting companies snap up their desired developer-focused domains. Plus, they could only be registered through Google's registry system.

On February 19, the first day of launch, users could expect to pay more than $10,000 to register a .dev domain, a figure that dropped to around $3,000 the following day and then $200 the day after. Now anyone can buy their preferred .dev domain for as little as $12, while the official launch means that you are no longer restricted to Google's own service — you can apply through all the usual registrars, such as GoDaddy.

Above: Buy a .dev domain from anywhere

As an aside here, Google said that it has "big plans" for the .dev domain, part of which involves giving out a .dev domain to everyone who applies to its annual developer-focused I/O conference, which is being held in May this year.

"We'll be moving more of our existing projects and launching some exciting things on .dev in the months to come," noted Adam Seligman, Google's VP of developer relations, in a blog post.

Many moons ago, developers used .dev domains internally to test their code, but then ICANN opened the floodgates to a whole new host of TLDs. Google successfully bid for the .dev domain in 2015, which led to numerous developers being locked out of their internal testing environments.

Fast forward a few years, and anyone from Slack and GitHub to indie developer teams can now get their very own .dev domain.

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