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business owner

business owner

Court docs: Butler Co business owner slammed wife’s head 'onto a paved driveway multiple times’ - WXIX

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 07:37 AM PST

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Court docs: Butler Co business owner slammed wife's head 'onto a paved driveway multiple times'  WXIX

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A Butler County business owner arrested over the weekend and charged with violently attacking his wife made his first court ...

Grand Strand business owner says thousands of animals will be killed during seismic testing - WMBF

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 02:45 AM PST

"Seismic testing is the minute we flip that switch, we are killing animals," Collins said. "That's bluntly put, that's what's going to happen. They are estimating five or six boats that will get these permits and each one of them has assessed in the permits that around 100,000 animals are going to die per boat in this testing."

Butler County business owner charged with domestic violence, felonious assault - WCPO

Posted: 02 Mar 2019 11:05 AM PST

WEST CHESTER, Ohio — A well-known Butler County business owner is facing charges of felonious assault and domestic violence after police say he assaulted his wife on their way home from an event.

Jeffery Couch, 52, owner of Jeff Couch RV in Trenton, Ohio, punched his wife in the face "multiple times and slammed her head onto a paved driveway multiple times," according a court document filed by West Chester police.

Couch was arrested around 1:30 a.m. Saturday after police responded to his West Chester Township home.

Township spokesperson Barb Wilson said police answered a call at 11:30 p.m. Friday evening for reports of a woman screaming in her driveway. When they arrived, they noted debris in the driveway. Police spoke with Couch, who was inside his home at the time, and "noted things were disheveled," Wilson said.

Police also received a call from West Chester Hospital that Shelley Couch had been admitted with serious injuries. Shelley alleges she was in the car with Jeffery when an argument broke out that spilled into the driveway when they arrived home. Wilson said Shelley claims Jeffery assaulted her, and she ran to a neighbor's home for help. That neighbor then drove her to the hospital.

Couch's bond was set at $16,000 during a Monday video arraignment, according to the Journal-News.

"Mr. Couch has no criminal record, he is a business owner here in Butler County, he's got extensive ties here in the community," said Erik Niehaus, Couch's attorney. "He understands a protection order is likely to be issued in this case."

Niehaus said in court he has talked with Couch's wife by cell. "She told me she was not in fear of him," he said.

She is not opposed to him being released on bond, but she does want a protection order, Niehaus said.

Couch's case will be heard in Area III Court but a date and time has not yet been set.

Small business owner helps disabled cousins find work after fired from Walmart - Fox 2 Detroit

Posted: 02 Mar 2019 07:36 PM PST

- We introduced you to John and Joe Wirth this week, cousins living with disabilities. They were greeters at Walmart until the company eliminated their positions and thousands of others across the country. 

Since our story aired, a FOX 2 viewer is stepping up in a big way to get these guys back to work.

"My heart went out to them I was almost in tears over it," David Scarborough said.

A kind heart touched by our story of two cousins, both disabled and out of a job.

"I was just outraged just floored," Scarborough said.

Joe and John Wirth worked as greeters at Walmart until last April when the company eliminated their positions.

"It's kind of like a crush to your soul basically," Wirth said.

Walmart is doing the same at a thousand stores nationwide. Many of those greeters have disabilities making it impossible to get a different job in the company. 

"I just really liked putting a smile on people's faces because I figured if I put a smile on somebodies face that would make their day," he said. 

The Wirth's haven't had any luck in their job search. That's where David Scarborough and his daughter Christina come in.

"We want to reach out to them and really help them," Christina Scarborough said.

Scarborough owns More Space Containers, they sell shipping containers and he wants to get these guys back to work!

"I am a small time business I would create a position or figure something out," David Scarborough said.

 Fox 2: is this the kind of guy your dad is?

"All the time yes," Christina said. 

 We called John to give him the news.

 "Thank you very very much, I would love that I would love to have the opportunity again to make some money and have a normal routine again," he said. 

David says he wants to see what their strengths are - he's hoping he can find a fit for both at his company but he's got other local businesses standing by to help too.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP) - The Ideal Business Insurance for Most Small Businesses -

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 07:06 AM PST

Most large multinational firms have dedicated coverages to protect themselves from different eventualities. They might have multiple liability policies and equipment insurances to protect specific high-value assets. However, considering the high business insurance cost to get separate covers for all types of risks, this approach doesn't really make sense for small businesses.

This is where a BOP comes into play. Business owner's policy is a business insurance type specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It bundles different types of covers under one policy providing both property and liability protection. For most small businesses with moderate degrees of known and unknown risk factors, a standard BOP works well. However, businesses that are threatened by a particular risk that can potentially cause a lot of damage may want to get an additional cover on top of a basic business owner's policy. Case in point, a business located near fire-prone locations are advised to get property insurance with fire damage protection or a dedicated fire insurance. Businesses located in high-crime areas may want to get property insurance with theft cover.

What Does a Typical Business Owner's Policy Include?

A BOP typically aims to protect businesses from common risks. This includes property damage caused by certain natural disasters, liability coverage to protect businesses from lawsuits, and coverage for interruption of operations.

Property Insurance: Part of the BOP, this protects the buildings owned by the business from a list of threats. Property insurance not only covers damages to the building but also the businesses equipment that's inside the business premises. Business can opt for special property insurance for additional cover to protect high-value assets.

Business Interruption Coverage: This covers the cost of lost income caused by any kind of interruption caused by fire or natural disaster. Apart from covering the monthly income, business interruption coverage also pays for the cost of hiring a temporary office.

Liability Coverage: If a business service, product, or decision ends up causing harm to an individual or a community, the business may be required to pay compensation. Expensive lawsuits and legal fees paid for damages can potentially bankrupt a small business. Liability coverage, which is usually included in most BOPs, helps protect businesses from these risks.

Workers' Compensation Coverage: This is usually part of the liability cover included in the BOP. However, this needs to be mentioned separately for one specific reason. In most states, it's legally mandated for companies to have a valid workers' compensation coverage. This is why it's a good idea to double check if the BOP you are about to select includes the same.

Coverages Business Owner's Policy Do Not Include

Coverage for Certain Natural Disasters: Property damage caused by certain natural disasters like flood and earthquake are often not covered by certain standard BOPs. Even if they are covered, the coverage limits for these are usually pretty low.

Mechanical Breakdown of Expensive Equipment: Technical breakdown of expensive equipment is typically not covered by BOPs. Therefore, if you have an equipment that's integral to the operation of your business, you need to get a separate equipment insurance.

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