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business owner

business owner

Business Owner Getting Restraining Order After Ex-Employee Threatened Employees With Gun - CBS Sacramento

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 07:43 PM PDT

LATHROP (CBS13) — A business owner and new father is taking steps to protect his family and fellow employees after a scary scene over the weekend. An ex-employee came in and reportedly opened fire.

Sukhjinder Singh owns a trucking company in Lathrop. He is still shaken after a former employee returned after his last day on the job and fired a round at him and other employees. The confrontation was all caught on surveillance tape. They are now worried he may come back.

"I couldn't even breathe," said Singh. "I got scared when he said I am going to come for your family you don't know what I'm going to do."

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Fortunately, nobody was injured, but the ex-employee threatened to return to handle what he started. Deputies tracked down that alleged gunman, Beent Singh,  and the gun.

Beent Singh was arrested for felony assault with a firearm and criminal threats. Sukhjinder Singh filed a temporary restraining order to protect his family and fellow employees Monday that is good for up to three years.

"Generally courts are pretty responsive to restraining orders," said Stewart Katz, a local attorney.

Katz, who does not represent either party, says restraining orders are a legal instrument to try to keep a bad situation from turning tragic.

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"[It] gives the dispatchers heads up to know that some basis got his call and give it a higher priority in terms of responding because there is a reason to believe something bad could happen," Katz said.

It's also another layer of protection for victims as the case plays out in the courts. Beent Singh will be arraigned Tuesday.

"And if he is released on bond there will likely be conditions, that absolutely include stay away, and no firearms," said Katz.

The victim's witness program, along with the DA's Office, helps people fill out forms and walk victims them through the process in courts.

Contact 2: Strange calls to St. Louis business owner prompt investigation into Florida company - KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 08:00 PM PDT

ST. LOUIS - If you don't know what to look for, it's easy to miss Oscar Brooks shop in the 5400 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in North St. Louis.

"The original name was "Gateway Resale," said Brooks.

Remember that.  It's important.  You see Mr. Brooks is semi-retired.  His resale business, which he likened to a flea market, once offered local moving services but hasn't for some time.  That's why he was surprised by a call he got in December from a man in Florida.

"He indicated that he'd hired us to relocate him.  And he said also that a rental truck came out and he wrote down the license plates to the rental truck.  I said oh, that's great!" added Brooks.

Great, because Mr. Brooks knew he could prove his business wasn't involved.  Still, he was concerned about the call.  He learned the man hired "Gateway Moving and Storage."  A quick internet search takes you to a company website that lists an office in St. Louis County.  But get this, the website used to show an address located on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.  The same address as Oscar Brooks "Gateway Resale."  More searching leads to more sites with "Gateway Moving and Storage" at Brooks' address and phone number.

"I was stunned.  I said how can this be going on?" said Brooks.

That's what we intended to figure out.  We found a company named "Gateway Moving and Storage LLC" registered with the Florida Secretary of State.  Fox 2's Mike Colombo called its manager, Kelli Delaney.

"I'm not trying to hide anything, and I don't know why he got tied into it.  Please give my him my number.  Obviously, you know my name is Kelli.  I'll answer and watch for his number." Said Delaney in a phone conversation with Mike Colombo.

Our investigation found there's more to this story than the call Mr. Brooks received.

"Why do you have a St. Louis mailing address when you're a Florida based company?  Asked Colombo.  "We have affiliations across the United States.  I can give you a Chicago address, a Los Angeles address, Georgia address," responded Delaney.

But there's a problem with the St. Louis County address listed on the company's website.  A quick look at the directory in the front office of the building, and there is no evidence that "Gateway Moving and Storage" has an office there.

Delaney tells Colombo her company has mail forwarded from a virtual office space in the building.  The Better Business Bureau's Don O'Brien explains why some companies to do this.

"If you want to make it seem like you can reach anywhere in a quick amount of time, St. Louis would be a better place to quote "have your business" than one of the coasts.  This way you can kind of grab all of America in one spot by saying you're in the Midwest," said O'Brien.

The company's website claims it has served Missouri and Kansas for almost 20 years, yet a document from the Florida Secretary of State shows it was just registered in February 2018. Delaney says she has two decades of industry experience but will change the language of the site to better reflect its recent tie to St. Louis.

"We've been in business 33, 34 years right there in the same spot.  And never dealt with anything like that," said Brooks.

We've connected Brooks and Delany to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Business owner sentenced for racial exchange during Columbus road rage incident - NBC4i.com

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 01:36 PM PDT

The business owner who was caught on video calling a black man the 'n-word' was sentenced in court.  Jeffrey Whitman, a white man,  called Charles Lovett, a black man, the 'n-word' several times after a road rage incident.

Whitman was in his Uriah's Heating and Cooling company van at the time of the incident.  Lovett posted the video of the racial exchange and it went viral.  In court, Whitman said he's lost his $400,000 a year business and is looking into filing bankruptcy.

He pleaded guilty to ethnic intimidation, a reduction from the original disorderly conduct charge. 

NBC4 interviewed Whitman in an exclusive interview where he told us he did not regret calling Lovett the 'n-word' the same day we got the viral video into our newsroom. Whitman has since changed his mind and did take the time to apologize to Lovett.

"I would like to apologize to Mr. Lovett and his family. What I've done, and, ugh, I deeply regret it, and it is genuine," said Whitman in court.

Whitman's lawyer Mark Collins also said Whitman got professional help to learn why calling black people the n-word is wrong.

"Though the counseling and through the outreach of his community and his discussion in the African American Community, this is the insight that he's gained," said Collins.

Judge Paul Herbert gave Whitman a six month suspended jail sentence. Whitman must also pay a 500 fine.

Charles Lovett said this entire ordeal has changed his life forever. He now has a CCW and doesn't trust anyone anymore. He hoped Whitman would have gotten more jail time for his crimes.

"I am a little disappointed. Not going to say I am upset. I would have felt better had he got something. At least three to seven days would have been ok with me," said Lovett.

Business Owner Sentenced to Jail After Misrepresenting Male Enhancement Supplements He Sold - OzarksFirst.com

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 08:21 PM PDT

SPRINGFIELD - A former Springfield business owner was sentenced today to three years in jail.

Michael Schindele, 44, led a scheme to sell an all-natural male enhancement supplement. The supplement actually contained an active ingredient in Viagra.

Schindele pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of delivering adulterated or misbranded food. Schindele was also ordered to forfeit almost $50,000, the profit he made from the scheme.

Business owner turns army surplus into Absolutely Arizona success - KGUN

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 04:44 PM PDT

TUCSON, Ariz. — Since 1951 Don Sloane has been running Miller's Surplus, and running from one end of his store to the other.

"Nothing stops me," said Sloane. "Except the idea, like a customer stops and asks me a question."

That philosophy of customer first began 68 years ago. Don opened at the original location on Congress.

He went into the Army right near the end of World War II, and spent 3 years in Europe. Sloane survived being shot twice.

In 1948, at the age of 21, he was discharged. He used his GI Bill and attended New York University.

Three years later, a decision to head west landed him in Tucson.

That Army background led him to open what would become Miller's Surplus.

"Even at that time, the government was happy to get rid of military surplus," Sloane explained. "Because they had it by the ton."

Don's business, known then as Miller's Army Surplus Exchange, thrived.

Urban renewal came in 1966, forcing Don to move Miller's Surplus to it's current location on 6th Avenue.

The loyal customers followed. Those loyal customers remain to this day.

"There are people coming into the store and they tell me they've been coming since I they were three-years-old. And their father brought them here when he liked the stuff."

Back in Ddecember, Don celebrated his 90th birthday.

His business remains strong for one reason, according to Don.

"I always believe in helping a customer out and making sure that he or she is satisfied when they come into the store."

Don has been recognized by mayors and business leaders for his success. You will find plenty of Don's own military collection on display around the store. Some of it dates back as far as World War I.

Miller's Surplus carries modern day camping gear, backpacks and clothing. But it's the military surplus that brings many veterans into the store.

"The guys that fought in these wars, they do have a connection. They want to come here for the good reason to find something that they remember having. They're going to use it for their need."

It is Don's connection to Tucson for 68 years that makes him and his store Absolutely Arizona.

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