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business ideas

business ideas

13 Small Business Ideas | Saving and Budgeting - U.S News & World Report Money

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 12:00 AM PST

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Learn how to make your dream career a reality and figure out which business concept is best for your talents, experience, interests and professional goals.

50 Service Business Ideas - Small Business Trends

Posted: 18 Feb 2019 11:55 AM PST

If you love serving others, you may be interested in starting your very own service business. There are opportunities in nearly every industry in niche, from tech to fashion. So no matter your interests or area of expertise, you can find a service business that is well suited to your strengths. Here are 50 service business ideas to consider.

Service Business Ideas

Business Consulting

If you have business experience, you could work with other entrepreneurs to provide guidance and expertise as a consultant.

Graphic Design

For those who are visually inclined, you can offer services for designing logos, branding and paper products for businesses or individuals.

Web Design

A bit more of a tech focused business, offer design and/or development services for those looking to create their own websites.

Mobile App Development

An emerging business opportunity, those with the skills and training can work with businesses or individuals to help them create their own mobile applications.


Writers, offer your services to businesses looking for website, ad or marketing copy.

Advertising Service

For those with advertising experience, offer to work with businesses to help them create ad campaigns, track progress and get results.

Digital Marketing

You could also go with a more generalized set of offerings, including content marketing, social media or online ads.

Lead Generating

For sales professionals, offer to help businesses by gathering leads for potential sales.

Printing Service

If you have some printing equipment, you could offer to print flyers, invitations, posters or other custom paper goods for people in your area.

IT Service

For tech focused entrepreneurs, offer your services to businesses on a contractual basis or just offer on-demand support for a small fee.

Event Planning

If you have strong organizational and planning skills, work with clients to create unique weddings or special events.

Life Coaching

If you prefer working with people on an individual basis and offering a wide variety of tips and expertise, you could offer your services as a life coach.

Virtual Assistant Service

For those who would prefer to start a completely online business, virtual assistants can help business clients with everything from inbox cleanout to social media.


You could also help other business owners manage their financial books and documentation as a contract bookkeeping service.

Research Service

If you have strong research skills, offer to work with clients who are looking to learn more about a particular subject.

Translation Service

Those who are fluent in more than one language can offer a service that translates books, transcripts or other types of content.

Handyman Service

Handyman services can offer a wide array of services to property owners, from installing light fixtures to fixing broken equipment.

Automotive Repair

If you prefer working with automobiles, there are plenty of repair services you can offer for drivers in your area.

Car Washing and Detailing

You could also offer to wash and/or detail vehicles for a small fee. Do this out of your own space or as a mobile service business.

Transportation Service

Another mobile business idea, offer to drive clients from place to place, either on a contractual or on-demand basis.


If you have the proper training and equipment, start a plumbing business where you provide maintenance, repair and installations services.

HVAC Service

You also need some basic training to provide heating, cooling and ventilation service. But this can be another lucrative service business.

Electrician Service

Another skilled trade, electricians can offer a wide array of services for both residential and commercial properties.

Locksmith Service

As a locksmith, you can help people who are locked out of their home or vehicle, and install locks, make copies of keys and offer a number of other lock related services.

Appliance Repair

Appliance repair professionals help people fix issues with refrigerators, washers, ovens and any other home appliance that may be broken but not worth replacing fully.


If you enjoy spending time outside, you could offer landscaping services like lawn mowing, flower bed installation and gardening.

House Painting

Help homeowners transform their interior or exterior space by offering your services as a professional home painter.

Home Inspecting

People who are purchasing homes often have professional inspectors look over the property first to ensure there aren't any unknown issues with the property.

Moving Service

You could also help people moving into new homes by packing and/or transporting their belongings.

Home Staging

For those who love designing interior spaces, work with home sellers or realtors to stage spaces so that they're more attractive to potential buyers.

Fitness Training

If you're a health and fitness enthusiast, you might start a business as a personal trainer where you work with clients individually.

Massage Therapy

With the proper training, you could offer massage therapy services.


If education is your specialty, work with students one-on-one as a tutor. You could even specialize in a particular subject or test prep focus.

Resume Service

Help individuals get their dream job by offering to write or edit their resumes and/or cover letters.

Home Cleaning

You could very easily offer cleaning services to homeowners or businesses. Get on a regular schedule and visit each client weekly or monthly.

Hair Styling

If you're interested in the beauty industry, you can attend a short training program and offer hair cutting, coloring and styling services.

Makeup Service

Or you could specialize in makeup artistry, helping those who are preparing for various special events.

Shopping Service

If you're interested in fashion or shopping, offer your services as a personal shopper or stylist.

Errand Service

To offer more a more wide ranging list of services, you can start an errand business where you shop for groceries, finish laundry or complete other various tasks.

Food Delivery

Food delivery is always an in-demand service. Pick up carryout orders or groceries for people and deliver them right to their doorstep.


If you prefer actually preparing food for people, start a catering service for special events or corporate gatherings.

Personal Chef Service

For a more personalized service, you can work as a personal chef to prepare individual meals.

Photography Service

Photographers can sell their work to create a product based business. But if you prefer a service model, you could offer to take portraits or cover special events.

Videography Service

Similarly, you can create custom video content for events or business video marketing.

Valet Service

Valet services work with businesses or event hosts to provide convenient parking services for guests.

Pet Grooming

If you'd like to work with pets, start a grooming service in your own location or even offer a mobile service where you go directly to your customers.

Dog Walking

Or you could get outside and take dogs in your neighborhood for walks in exchange for a small fee.

House Sitting

To help homeowners who are traveling, offer house sitting services where you look after their property while they're away.

Child Care

If you have the experience, you could also offer babysitting or child care services.

Tailoring and Alterations

Tailoring and alterations are also popular services that you can easily offer to customers in your area.

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Getting a real feel for business - Beckley Register-Herald

Posted: 25 Feb 2019 07:10 AM PST

Young entrepreneurs from WVU Tech and Concord University were given the chance to pitch their very own business ideas late last week at WVU Tech's second Pitch Competition. 

WVU Tech's LaunchLab hosted the event where four students from WVU Tech and three students from Concord pitched their idea to a panel of judges for the chance to win the grand prize of $2,500 to help further their business. The second place winner received $1,500 and the third place winner won $1,000. 

Nora Myers, director of WVU LaunchLab – Beckley, said the pitch events are a great way for the students pitching business ideas to receive feedback on their business, what they can do to build it and meet industry experts for advice. 

"Southern West Virginia is never short of innovative ideas that can lead to new businesses and patentable products," Myers said. "The students at Concord and WVU Tech have come up with a wide variety of ideas from technical and health care products to community solutions.

"I am always energized by the passion and new ideas they bring to our region."

Salem AlEidan, a senior at WVU Tech studying civil engineering, pitched the idea of a dynamic traffic control system. He said he and many others have been a part of traffic accidents at intersections due to random circumstances, and he wanted to do something to fix it. 

"It basically incorporates a heat detection and a visual detection software into a traffic camera to optimize the green, yellow and red timing to serve cars on a first-come-first-served basis," AlEidan said. "So the visual detection aspect of it will actually detect the car, similar to how your phone detects your face and your facial features."

The dynamic traffic control system would consider the vehicle's blinker as if a person were actually blinking, and send that signal through the traffic control box, he explained. 

AlEidan said the signal would say to the whole system: "Hey, this car needs to go in so and so direction; give it priority as soon as possible once everyone else has passed."

"That way, once the system is fully optimized, everybody will be able to get to the traffic light and there won't be any stress," he said. "The goal is to decrease traffic accidents." 

AlEidan placed third in the pitch competition, winning $1,000 to further his business. 

Allison Moore, a senior at Concord University studying business management, pitched a recycling business with a goal to get plastic out of oceans and landfills.

"The whole business idea is about getting the community out and recycling. I wanted a business that would upcycle plastic into new things, creating those new things and selling them, while also offering a food experience that doesn't require plastics," Moore explained. 

By offering a food experience, Moore wants to be able to sell produce from local farmers in her store, while customers come in and bring their own containers to purchase their products. The business would also use recycled bags, made out of T-shirts that customers can come in and make themselves. 

"The idea is to get the community together, with a goal of not using any plastic," she said.

"I really like the idea. When I first thought of it, it consumed my life for weeks, and I worked really hard to put it together," Moore said. "I would love to have the business start in Beckley — it's my home and I love it here — but I also think I'd like a store near the beach, to help keep plastic out of the ocean." 

Thirty-two applications to participate in the pitch competition were received, and seven made the cut, but according to Myers, there will be more chances to compete. 

"That's what the LaunchLab is all about, new ideas."  

WVU Tech student Christina Stover placed first in the competition for her business pitch on a glucose testing device, and WVU Tech students Darton Hoover and Tristan Price placed second in the competition for their pitch on an international beverage service. 

Email: jnelson@register-herald.com; follow on Twitter @jnelson

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