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Our Top 10 Business Startup Ideas for 2019 – Be Your Own Boss! -

The next step after making the decision to start a new business is looking for startup ideas that fits your specific needs.

A great startup idea is imperative to the growth or failure of your business, so you want to take your time, and consider different factors. It is common for humans these days to prioritize their dreams and passion over money, and for that reason, they would naturally select startup ideas that are in line with their passion. Early retirement is not in the cards for many people, so they go with startup ideas that they can happily work over a long period of time, as against high earning careers that would keep them living in big cities.


Therefore, the aspect of making a lot of money gets considered after one considers how happy they would be doing a particular business. For that reason, new business ideas are important for startup businesses.

Basically, it would cost you a fortune to fully set up a new business idea. However, it would cost you even more if you do not succeed after executing this startup ideas. So, the best startup business ideas can help you with this.


This blog will explore the best business startup ideas, which assures success if it is completely heeded to. The success of several web development companies and mobile development companies is pivoted on these ideas.

However, these new business ideas can function fully on their own in today’s digital world.

A list of startup ideas follows below:

1) Social Media Management (One of the best startup ideas)

A lot of companies leverage on social media to complete businesses, put word out and so on. Social media is an essential part of various businesses today, and is amongst the best startup business ideas today. However, these companies lack the time or knowledge to run them.

But considering how essential social media, and the major role it plays in the marketing of any business today, it can be very useful master this particular area. By doing this, you would be able to increase the value of local businesses, and also earn money.

Without a doubt, every company out there sees investing in social media management as a worthy cause, so they would happily pay for it. And if you are able to help them increase leads and sales via social media, you would definitely get more and more clients as time goes.

As a way to learn and sharpen your skills, you can study the strategies of other social media influencers and then pattern your own strategy behind theirs. This would definitely help your top startup ideas for business grow today.


2) Vacation Rental System

This places second in our list of startup ideas for a reason. Today, this is amongst the best startup ideas in the hospitality industry. This can be very lucrative if you reside in busy tourist destination. In most cases, homeowners need people to other people to list, store, clean and make arriving guests comfortable.

Considering the various advertisement options for these homes, you can leverage various rental-listing platforms to increase the span of your audience and also increase traffic and interest in homes.

Your performance determines how many people would entrust you with their homes. Basically, you get to keep up within 20 to 40 percent of the gross rental rate if you do a great job with those homes. Therefore, it is amongst the best startup business ideas for 2019.

3) Flipping Websites (Amazing startup ideas)

If you intend to make fast money, you can venture into website flipping. The only thing you need to do is buy and sell websites on existing platforms. Actually, you would need to study and understand the concept before you can make money off it, but once you do, it becomes easy money. A lot of sites are dedicated to this today.

You have the option of selling out domains or full websites. You can leverage on platforms like or to auction domains, or sell full websites.

Therefore, from our list of startup ideas, we can easily give the website flipping the top spot, when it concerns online businesses.

4) Gadgets Repairing

Gadgets repairing takes the fourth spot on our list of startup ideas. This is amongst the best startup ideas owed to the fact that these days, virtually everyone owns either a tablet or smartphone, or both. This usage of gadgets does not depend on location, everyone is using gadgets everywhere. They trust them for daily activities including browsing the internet, communication, and even to e-commerce businesses. At some point, these gadgets does not function properly due to breakdown, and then there is a need to find someone that can get them working properly again.   

So, regardless of your location in the world, smartphone repairs is a great startup idea and presents an amazing opportunity to earn money once you master the art. For you to successfully repair any type of device, you would need to order their spare parts and instruction kits from gadget repairing companies.

When you grow in the business and become very good, fixing broken screens, changing batteries, or reviving a phone that fell in water becomes as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Therefore, gadgets repairing is amongst the best startup ideas for 2019.

5) Tourism Guidance (Reliable startup ideas)

Tourism guidance takes the fifth spot on our list of startup ideas. This is an amazing idea if you’re resident in an area with tourist attractions. You can use a couple of websites to spread the word about the services that you offer. It is not so cost intensive, as the only requirement would be a simple legal and commercial structure.

You can make this happen by advertising your guided tours on websites like TripAdvisor, Viator, and the likes. By doing this, you stand a greater chance to get conversions, because this is your target audience. You can also use social media such as Facebook to do live presentations, and to give people an insight of what your tour would offer you can add pictures and videos on Instagram while using the appropriate hashtags to reach your target audience. This will help you grow your audience and engage more people, therefore, it is a great startup business idea.

6) Monthly Box Service

The sixth spot on our list of startup ideas goes to monthly box services. These days, we have a lot of monthly “box” services in different verticals. For that reason, it is easy for you to build a personal box service, whether premium or non-premium, and grow into a large-scale business that would continue to attract constant revenue. In this process, you would send from a single unique box, specially selected pieces that apply to your industry by using these new business ideas.

Additionally, you can indulge in box services with wines, cosmetics, gourmet foods, toys and several other items. This is amongst the best startup ideas for people who want to build a business that would bring recurring customers as well as income that can increase other unique offers and auxiliary products or services. Therefore, this qualifies to be amongst the best startup ideas.

7) Online Educational Courses (Useful startup ideas)

This is another amazing startup business idea, and for that reason, it takes the seventh spot on our list of startup ideas. Creating educational content for online course and learnings does not only make for a great business, but also helps one pass down their knowledge and help people that may be in need of it. A lot of people depend on the internet for their knowledge these days. So, bringing this knowledge to them in the form of an online educational material can aid them in their studies. Hence, it is considered as one of the best startup ideas for business which you can earn from, and impact lives at the same time.

A major challenge would be the seemingly high competition in this industry, as they’re thousands of other websites or more that offer this kind of service. You can sell your courses on prominent platforms like Udemy, even if your products would be subject to their terms as far as promotional offers and discounts is concerned. Other viable options includes Coursera,, Teachable or even build your personal membership-based software course based on the cloud.

8) Online AD Management

Facebook, Google, and YouTube have established themselves in the business of pay-per-click advertising. If you learn the PPC medium extensively and you’re able to execute, your top startup business idea can be scaled quickly and effectively. As soon as you are able to keep conversion offers in check, and you can realize that you make $2 after spending $1, then you can scale your business significantly. All you need to do is invest time and become more informed about Facebook and Google ads.

To sharpen your skills and increase your earning potential, you can register for courses, so you can learn their strategy. As soon as you are able to hit your target audience with the right offer, you would become more successful and earn lots of money. Online ad management is a great way to earn, thus its eight position on our list of startup ideas.

9) Web Development & SEO (Popular startup ideas)

With the advent of new technologies in the coming year, and owed to web development, the business world has taken a totally different turn. Both web development and SEO is often viewed through a rather complicated lens, and due to many factors a lot of people to distant themselves from it. With more than 200 algorithm classification factors, people can easily put off the idea because they are scared of making mistakes and starting afresh.

However, if you are able to bury your head in it and master it properly, you can make a lot of money off it regardless of your location. You can also make more money by offering web development and SEO services to people, or even create personal niche sites with affiliate links online which can service themselves while you earn off them. Owed to the numerous perks and earning potential that go with web development and SEO, it is ranked amongst the best startup ideas and occupies the ninth spot on our list of startup ideas.

10) Online Coaching Services

You can earn money online by offering coaching and teaching services to people. This is a great startup idea and is very useful to professionals in any field including business, health or computers. Success in this business is independent of your location. You can teach over the internet via Skype. Start by writing down three of skills where you can perform excellently, then think of ways to monetize these skills.

These days, people see investment in coaches and masterminds as a worthy cause, as they are constantly looking for ways to sharpen their skills from professionals to help them stay ahead of their competition. Therefore, you can make money off it by setting up an advisory service, though you need to think of ways to make it work. This is amongst the best startup ideas you can utilize in 2019.


The top 10 startup business ideas that is featured in this article presents an amazing earning potential and would certainly lead to success if followed correctly. All the aforementioned startup ideas have a high earning power, and can help you become more successful. And considering the rapid growth in internet users, there are no better startup ideas to explore in 2019.

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