Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My home tech setup for 2019 - Business Insider

Each system has its own perks.

The PlayStation 4, which I bought in 2014, has the best exclusive games, and a very accessible user interface.

The Nintendo Switch, which I bought in 2017, is the most versatile system, since you can play it at home, on the go, and with others. It also has fantastic Nintendo-made games you can't play anywhere else.

The Xbox One, which I received in December, is an extremely powerful computer that makes games look beautiful. And its wonderful Netflix-like Game Pass service, which lets you play a massive library of games for free, feels like the future of video games.

If I had to rank these consoles, I'd rank them in the order in which I bought them: I've had the PlayStation 4 for the longest period of time, so it's my favorite. But all of these consoles are excellent in their own ways.


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