Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Google Maps now lets you message businesses on app - Android Community

We’ve seen Google add some features that should make their Maps app more than just something you go to when you’re lost or when you have nothing better to do in a new place. Now the latest thing that they’re bringing to the Android version of Google Maps is the ability to send messages. But lest you think this is a new messaging app to cause even more confusion over Google products, this one is useful for businesses and users.

The messaging app was created specifically for users to be able to send inquiries and feedback to the businesses that they find on Google Maps. While you can always do that on their Google Business page or on their FB page or on their website, if you’re on Maps already, why not just contact them there directly? Well, that is if a business has enabled the messages on their profile and if they actually check their messages and respond in a timely manner.

When you tap on Messages on the Menu, you’ll see a No Messages Yet (well, assuming this is your first time) page and instructing you to tap the Message button on a business’ Google page. If that business enabled the messages feature on their Google My Business dashboard, then you’ll be able to contact them from the Google Maps app if you’re asking for more information that you couldn’t find on their page or website.

It seems like not a lot of users are sending businesses messages for now, probably because Google hasn’t officially started pushing the feature just yet. What we’re sure of is that eventually Google will be marketing that as another new thing that they’re bringing to Maps which is now also a discovery app aside from a navigation service.

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