Monday, January 21, 2019

Experts say this is what everyone will be wearing in 2019 - Business Insider

The tie-dye comeback is partly born out of a desire to make a political statement and stand up for individuality, industry insiders say.

"In the Trump era when right-wing politics is so loud, I think tie-dye can be viewed as a peaceful, but defiant protest against conservatives," R13 denim founder Chris Leba recently told Harper's Bazaar.

He continued: "In some ways, there are a lot of similarities in terms of the backdrop then and now. In the 60s, we had Nixon in the White House with students protesting against the conservative right. Now we have Trump in the White House with women, immigrants and the LGBQ community fighting for their rights."

Tie-dye is also a symbol of individuality, something that can be lacking in fashion these days, Kavita Kumari, a specialist print-and-dye technician at London College of Fashion, told Harper's.

"The re-birth of tie-dye has actually provided individuals with the opportunity to reclaim some of their personal identity without looking like clones of one another," she said.

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