Thursday, January 3, 2019

Christmas Kindness from a Local Business Owner | Indiana - Kokomo Perspective

    Downtown Hartford City at 201 S. High Street is where you often find Mike Fisher, the owner and operator of Deal of the Day, Highwater Auction House and Mike’s Menu. This is about year eight in business for Fisher and he continues to add more to his business. When you walk into the building you enter into Deal of the Day where you can find anything from tools to pots and pans to dvds and game systems all for sale. In the middle of the building you come to Mike’s Menu which is a little restaurant of home cooked meals with a seating area off to the side. The menu options change daily and customers are encouraged to follow Mike’s Menu on social media, Facebook, to see the daily meal specials. You can often find meals such as chicken and noodle, coney dogs, beef manhattans, club sandwiches, loaded nachos and sweet desserts just to name a few. In the back half of the building is where Fisher holds the Sunday Auctions at the Highwater Auction House.

    On Saturday, December 22 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fisher invited families with children aged 2 to 10 to come out to his location and receive a free Christmas gift. He had approximately 75 gifts ready to be claimed. There was a large amount of gifts that were wrapped, others in gift bags and some laid out unwrapped in their original packaging. For the past five years Fisher has tried many different ways to donate Christmas gifts to children in the Blackford County community including “adopting” families for the holiday season where he would give a certain amount of families Christmas gifts for their children. This year he went with a different approach of reaching out to families in hopes there would be a good turn out. Even though there was a decent amount of families who came out there were still many gifts left over at the end of the business day. Fisher made a phone call to the Hartford City Police Department where he asked officers to come out and pick up the left over gifts. When they arrived he loaded them up with his donations and thanked them for their hard work in the community. He says he knows the Department will put the gifts to good use.

    Fisher is known in the community for his kind, friendly and giving personalty. He finds many ways to give back to the community such as supporting local fundraisers and donating to local organizations.

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