Thursday, January 3, 2019

Business idea prepares Central Wisconsin students for the real world - WAOW

WESTON, Wis. (WAOW) — A new business in Weston, run by students at D.C. Everest Junior High School, is allowing them to gain life skills ahead of high school.

It’s all part of a College and Career Readiness class. Each day, during the week, students gather for about 40 minutes to work on skills and ways to help those around them.

Last year, the class brainstormed and thought of business ideas they could start.  About a month and a half ago, representatives from the AbbyBank branch in Weston, came to the class to hear the students’ business pitch.

The representatives were impressed and wrote a $300 check for a start up.

Happy Snacks is now in business and alllows an inexpensive snack choice for students and staff at the junior high.

“Every two weeks we send out order forms throughout the school for students and staff to be able to purchase bags of popcorn and chex mix that we make,” Jim Dahlgren, a business teacher at the junior high said.

There are eight students in the class and multiple assistants to help the kids, when needed.

Students told News 9 the business helps them build relationships and learning to talk to other people.

“I think it builds skills for kids to like talk to other people,” Mckenzie Hagan, a student in the class said.

“It gives our students an opportunity to learn a variety of real world work skills that they can use now and throughout high school and after high school as well is really the ultimate goal and what we’re helping them prepare for,” Dahlgren said.

Gabe Pospyhalla is an eighth grader in the class and he said his favorite part is putting the popcorn in the bag.

Twice a week, the students take a trip to Trig’s in Weston, learning various skills there as well.

Teachers said the class hopes to pay it forward and write checks to charities around town, just like AbbyBank did for them.

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