Sunday, January 27, 2019

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Have you ever wondered how hard it is to master a business today? Since the power of the internet had risen, there are more and more entrepreneurs that fight for a place on the market and are trying to find the most perfect features for their products and how to bring them to their clients. But in this ever-changing landscape, there’s an online platform that has all the tools you need in one place.

Meet BuilderAll! No matter in what sector your business is in, you can use this platform to grow it by attracting new clients and increase your sales. Let’s see what tools BuilderAll offers you to help scaling your company and take advantage of your niche:

Website builder. Nowadays, if you don’t have a website you’re pretty much non-existent on the market. With this tool, you can build your online presence using HTML5 technology by simply dragging and dropping your desired elements. You have to choose from many visual effects, animations, pop-ups, different forms, and search widgets and integrate them into a fast device responsive web page.

Sales funnel. On BuilderAll you can start from a tutorial and then chose a professional sales funnel template or blueprint that you can edit and integrate with different checkout widgets.

A/B testing and analytics. When it comes to the internet, you should always use a better-safe-than-sorry approach. That means that you should test more than one website or funnel design and see what your clients watch or click more. The more data you take into consideration and optimize on it, the more sales you have.

Third party integration. And with third-party I mean Facebook and Google’s tracking systems. Traffic, ads, and conversions are very important things and a great part of today’s marketing efforts go to these two internet giants.

E-mail marketing. With this tool, you can send valuable information to your clients or do follow-ups when they complete an action in your online store. You can now respond to your leads according to their behavior and even automate the process.

Webinars. Here is a place for professional webinars. You have video tools, page builders and e-mail systems to use in order to create an interactive experience.

Messenger bots. That’s because people spend many minutes on this platform and, inevitably, come in contact with products and brands. A bot’s job is to guide those people through resolving their problem or getting information about, and finally buying, your product.

Courses. BuilderAll is a very good education platform. You can upload videos, documents, make quizzes while setting triggers to maintain your audience’s attention and involvement.

Other tools that you will find on BuilderAll are: help designing and editing your best photos, 3D visuals creator, video editor and, very important – knowledge.

As you can see, BuilderAll is an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs in search of their next great business or tools to scale their current one. With tens of thousands of satisfied users, this platform is the one to go when you plan to or have an online activity that you want to turn to profit.

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