TULSA, Oklahoma - Thieves were caught on camera casing an east Tulsa business before returning to take construction tools. The owner said he woke up early Wednesday morning with a bad feeling that a thief might return and he was right.

Construction started seven months ago on a storage business for RV's and boats. Burglars have already stopped by three times.

Night or day, they're looking for construction tools and scrap metal.

“Gathered up a bunch of building materials the last time, some downspouts and guttering, some wood, 2 x 4's,” said Storage Solutions Owner Larry Covert.

Covert said the latest thieves showed up in a 4-door car Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. His security cameras caught one stepping into an office building, while another walked around with a nail gun, trying to sell it.

They presume it was stolen. When no one would buy it, the thief took one from a truck.

“And they walked the property and I believe they were surveying it to see where the cameras were,” said Covert.

Larry has cameras all over the place. More are still being installed now that they're getting close to opening the business. This is when the gut feeling came in.

“It bothered me all afternoon they came out here during the day and I just had a bad feeling they were coming back,” said Covert.

Early Wednesday morning, they returned with flashlights. They took a generator after trying to blind the inside cameras with light and then a blob of construction glue.

“On the exterior cameras they found a 2 by 4 about 10 feet long and poked them and pointed them up at the sky,” said Covert.

He hopes someone recognizes the burglars and calls police, maybe when they show up at the next place trying to sell something.

Tulsa Police are handling the case while the owner is doing even more to beef up security.