Friday, November 23, 2018

Northwestern Mutual finds most Houstonians optimistic about untapped business idea

More than half of Houstonians think their business ideas could bring them success, and nearly 60 percent have already done something to realize it, according to a survey by financial services company Northwestern Mutual. 

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Five hundred Houston residents were questioned, along with 500 residents each of 11 other U.S. cities, about their thoughts on entrepreneurship.

The survey asked respondents, "To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: 'I have a great business idea that I think could one day be successful — even if it is not fully formed or I don't quite know how it will work yet.' "

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Houstonians at a rate of 28.6 percent, or 143 individuals surveyed, responded with "strongly agree." Another 22.8 percent, or 114 individuals, said they would "somewhat agree" with the statement. The rate of optimism among Houstonians was only outranked by respondents from Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

The main drivers for Houstonians seeking a business or "side hustle" was "passion" and income. When asked to choose all motivators that applied, respondents in Houston selected "passion" at 66 percent and income at 65.7 percent.

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