Saturday, November 24, 2018

Local business owner says Small Business Saturday is important for community

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now small business Saturday. A day that was a gold mine for local jewelry store owner Raj Ingle last year.

Ingle owns Jewels and More on Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown.

"We were so busy a lot of people, in fact, a few people who are our daily customers, they, in fact, came behind the counter to help us out," Ingle said.

To celebrate this day you buy merchandise from a locally owned business on sale. Spending money at mom and pop shops keeps that money in the community

"If it stays in the community down here that will help grow our economy," Ingle said.

But Ingle feels if money doesn't circulate in the community, "Our economy is not going to grow, we're going to get poorer and poorer day by day."

Small businesses create two out of three new jobs across the U.S. Ingle says you should treat every day like small business Saturday.

"I tell people don't just wait for a specific day or occasion to happen, go year round," he said.

Just two years ago on small business Saturday alone, $14.5 billion was spent nationwide. Money that didn't touch the hands of big corporations. Corporations that are hurting businesses like Ingle's.

"All these big giant stores, they are on the verge of killing all the small mom and pop concepts," he said.

Which is why his motto is, "Buy locally stay locally and support your own community."

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