Monday, November 26, 2018

Local business owner receives major state award

In downtown Corpus Christi, on the corner of Mesquite and Starr street owner of House of Rock Casey Lain was shocked after his name was called just recently by the Texas Downtown Association as the winner of the Downtown Owner of the Year award.

House of Rock has been a staple in downtown Corpus Christi for 13 years. The business sits with two stages, dining areas, to local artwork surrounded inside.

For this award, several communities in Texas were nominated. Lain was locally nominated and beat several cities across Texas including metropolitan areas in Dallas and parts of Houston.

Community involvement, Lain says is one way his business stands out.

“Be supportive the area the downtown our neighbors, businesses, and our patrons, just try and are open-minded to being involved with the community I think makes us stand out a little bit, great pizza also,” Lain says.

In the course of thirteen years just like any other business Lain says House of Rock has seen its challenges. However, throughout it, all Lain says he’s learned how to manage while hosting many community gatherings and being flexible with endless ideas.

“Have an idea, run for it, try and make it work and see it happened is just a good feeling.”

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