Monday, November 26, 2018

GVL business owner thrilled with Small Business Saturday turnout

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) - On Friday shoppers flocked to big-box retailers to find deal on hot ticket items, but Saturday was all about supporting the brick-and-mortar stores. 

Some shoppers stopped by Magnolia Scents by Design, on Main St. in Greenville, where local one-of-a-kind gifts were being crafted. 

Across town, shoppers went to Monkee's of the West End for designer apparel and accessories.

But others opted out for a new thrift store in Greenville.

Gentry Ostendorff is the owner of Lennox's Toy Box. The new business owner opened his shop about 3 months ago after learning his son, Lennox, was sick. 

"A few months ago he had a seizure and we found out that he had a diagnosis of what's called X-Linked ALD." Ostendorff told 7News. 

X-Linked ALD is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system. The life expectancy of someone with X-Linked ALD depends on the severity of symptoms, but most people usually only survive a few years after symptoms begin. 

Ostendorff tells 7News running the small business gives him more liberty to spend time with his son, since he can make his own hours. 

Through the generosity of others that have donated items for his thrift shop, he's able to resell and trade items to make a living. But, he depends on sales to keep the business, himself and his family afloat. 

"How I sell thing here, I'm very generous. The more you buy, the less I charge," Ostendorff said. 

He says on Small Business Saturday he was pleasantly surprised with the foot traffic that came through his store. 

"Today has been one of the best days that I've had since I've been here."He said. 

Like many start-ups, Ostendorff doesn't have a fulltime employee. He hopes shoppers will continue to support him, so he can put the money he makes back into the local economy. 

"As it grows, to the point where I can afford to do more, the first thing is hire an employee and help somebody else pay their bills." Ostendorff told 7News.

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