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Grow Your Business With Sales Dominoes

I recently showed you three examples of clever content marketing. But the journey doesn’t end there.

Once you have people looking at your content, you’ll need to focus on the other side of the phrase – the ‘marketing’ part.

Ideally, the consumers of your content should take some sort of action. That action (or series of actions) should eventually lead to a sale. This sale can happen quickly or over a long period of time.

Wait - did you miss it? Let’s go back up and look again.

A sale is not one single action. It is a series of successful actions disguised as one action. So, although many people think that a sale is a single action, with a yes or no outcome, it actually isn’t.

Read them out aloud: Friction in a sales domino can secretly derail the saleCarter and Kingsley

A winning sale is a sequence of successful tiny steps, with a long list of tiny, yes, yes, yeses along the way. By simply understanding this idea you’re ahead of 86% of all business owners and, most likely, your competition.

What A Successful Sales And Buying Processes Really Looks Like

A successful sales process might look like:

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 - 10

Read the numbers above out aloud, as quickly as you can. See how it flows, nice and smooth with no friction? That is what a good sales process looks like.

Sometimes though, a sales process can look like this:

1 – 2 – 9 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 10 – 7 - 6 – 8

Once again, try and read it out aloud, as quickly as you can. You probably can’t do it as quickly as above, right? That’s because this time, the sequence doesn’t flow naturally at all.

You actually trip over the friction points and it completely ruins your flow. The numbers starred below appear in an unnatural order:

1 – 2 – *9* – 3 – 4 – 5 – *10* – 7 - *6* – *8*

Every time you hit one of these incorrect touch points, you run into a tiny mental snag. On the extreme side, it can cause you to abandon the process

Sales works the exact same way. It’s like a domino effect. There is a natural process that we like to experience when we buy things. When it all flows and makes sense in our minds, we reach into our wallets and buy. That’s a successful sales domino.

However, sometimes you can experience an illogical sales process that doesn’t make sense or answer your naturally occurring questions. That leads you to hit a mental snag, and this stops us from buying.

Sometimes the mental snags can be glaringly obvious – would you buy an expensive watch from an unknown shifty man in a dark alleyway? Probably not.

However, sometimes the things that trigger our mental snags can be very subtle. But they are still incorrectly loaded, full of friction and can easily derail a successful sale.

A Real World Example Of Using Sales Dominoes To Generate More Sales

A software company once needed more online sales. They had a website that did a mediocre job at selling, so they wondered if it could perform better.

After looking at their sales domino, they ran a six-week test on their site. The resulting data suggested that most of their website visitors hadn’t heard of their company before. They also had doubts about if the company would really deliver the service they promised.

This was an invisible mental snag that the company was previously completely unaware of.

They ended up adding some proof elements to the website (testimonials from influencers, customer reviews and even logos of companies who already used their product).

They A/B tested the website page (measured the old webpage sales with the newly built webpage’s sales). They saw that the new webpage was making almost 31% more sales than the old page.

This was done by removing just one of the many friction points that caused mental snags in their sales domino.

Maximising Your Sales And Revenue

Do you want to maximise your sales and revenue? Then you need to understand how to locate, recognise and manipulate the subtle individual touchpoints that cause mental snags in your sales domino.

When you can do that then you can turn your tiny ‘noes’ into multiple tiny ‘yeses’. As a result, you will be able to control when you increase your sales.

Having this skill will put you in the top 1% of all growth experts. This is literally the science of making more sales and revenue!

Millions Of Dollars Are Being Lost As You Read This

When you understand sales dominoes, you can build an efficient sales process, on purpose.

However, there is a downside of not fully understanding sales dominoes and the buying processes. That happens when sales dominoes (essentially, the science of generating sales) are not fully understood. Unfortunately, this is true for the majority of business executives, in my experience.

When sales dominoes aren’t understood, millions of dollars can easily be lost because you end up sending prospects to a sales process that has leaks, and is not performing at its full potential.

Sales dominoes can be manipulated to generate more sales for your businessGetty

Why Don’t More People Understand Sales Dominoes And The Buying Process?

Firstly, it takes real work and time to decipher this information that I’m revealing to you.

I’ve studied and implemented sales dominoes and copy concepts for nineteen years. I’m still learning new applications of how it works, daily.

Also, when a sales domino is inefficient, it may still generate sales and even a positive ROI. Therefore, no one questions the process or sees it as having a defect. After all, when a sales process generates a profit, it’s successful isn’t it?

Usually, yes – but not when you have competition and they’re fighting tooth and nail for your market share.

You need to be efficient in generating sales. Carrying any form of wastage is very dangerous for a company that is looking to be competitive.

But no one tries to increase sales like this because it’s a high level strategy that’s not really understood by traditional thinking business executives.

Besides, most company executives are taught to have a more practical and tactical mindset to grow sales (like increasing the number of website visitors or making more sales calls etc).

Can You Sell A Wheel To A Caveman?

The other problem with this sales domino approach is that it is a performance-based improvement. And only a handful of serious business executives are interested in more performance, when they believe their sales machine is working well already.

This is the main reason why having a know-it-all attitude in business, is a problem in the long term.

It’s sort of like introducing a caveman to a wheel.

On a normal day the caveman breaks his back to carry rocks with his hands, and build a small shelter. He thinks this is the most efficient way to get his desired end result.

That’s how he does it. That’s how his friends and neighbours do it. In fact, that’s how they’ve always done it. He is almost arrogant about using a different solution. Surely wrecking your back is the best way to build a shelter.

He can't even imagine that another solution is better than his way, because he's been doing it that way for so long. On top of that, his solution works just fine (‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it’).

Then you show up with a wheel. You explain what it is and how it can be used to build a cart. If you tried this, the caveman would laugh at you.

Most business executives treat sales dominoes like a caveman would treat a wheel.Getty

So, the caveman continues doing the same old thing he has always done.

That’s just like most business executives today. So, the problem persists (leaving a huge opportunity open for anyone who wants to learn about sales dominoes and crush their competition).

Next time, we’ll deconstruct a real-life sales domino as a case study (it’s one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers).

We’ll explore some of the potential fixes in that sales domino, that can turn a tiny no into a big yes. I’ll also reveal how this company is currently potentially losing out on millions of dollars a year in extra sales, due to potential friction in their sales domino.


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