Friday, November 16, 2018

Business Owner Concerned About Crime After Man is Shot in West Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A Friday night in The Rock might mean a stop at Salute Wine & Spirits.

"Safety for my customers," says the store's owner, Paul Bowersock.

Bowersock is concerned about the people next door stopping, staying but not buying anything.

"I see people there that are there, in what appears to me, there but not doing any business," says Bowersock.

He says blue lights that stem from troublemakers create long-term issues and might steer customers somewhere else.

"It hurts me and my ability to run a business and pay my employees," says Bowersock.

Since January 1, 2016, Little Rock police officers have been called to the Exxon gas station near Markham and Shackleford nearly 300 times, some of those calls officers did not find a crime.

"It's an area we tend to get called to and over the last few years we have gotten called there quite a bit but that's partly because of the location," says Little Rock Police Officer Eric Barnes.

Thursday night, officers were called to a shooting at the gas station.

Officers say a man was shot multiple times.

Investigators say they found a backpack with a gun in it and suspected drugs.

Nearly two years ago to the day a man was shot in the gas station parking lot during an argument.

We went into the gas station to see if any employees had a comment on the loitering or crime concerns.

"We're going to make no comment at this time and leave it at that," says the employee.

Bowersock says all he wants is everyone to be successful with no one getting hurt.

"It creates issues around the whole area," says Bowersock.

If you know anything about Thursday night's shooting, you are asked to call Little Rock Police.

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