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I f you've been thinking of selling jewelry on Facebook or Instagram, there's no better time to get started than right now. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it makes sense that a lot of the heavy lifting of the advertising process would be done for you — if you choose to advertise on one platform, carrying that ad over to the other platform can be done easily in a series of simple steps. Here's what you need to know in order to advertise your jewelry business on Facebook and Instagram. You'll Have One Centralized Dashboard to Work From One of the biggest benefits of advertising your jewelry on Facebook and Instagram is that you only have to worry about managing them from one centralized dashboard. This makes it easy for you to select and experiment with different audiences, placements and more. Facebook gives you more options to test with, while Instagram lets you integrate your ad with an existing story or post you've shared. Many of our customers prefer to

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Sydney, July 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- E-Web Marketing, an SEO and digital marketing agency based in Chatswood, NSW, Australia, is happy to announce that they are offering affordable SEO packages for businesses in Sydney and neighbouring areas. Through their competitively priced but proven SEO packages, clients have a much better chance of achieving their digital marketing goals. And to ensure that they are able to provide the appropriate package for a particular client, they will first offer a free SEO audit. SEO or search engine optimisation is the process designed to help a website rank highly in organic search engine results when someone makes an online query using a keyword that is related to the company's products or services. There is no specific standard on what exactly constitutes SEO since Google keeps the details of their ranking algorithms secret. Furthermore, these algorithms gradually change in time. Nevertheless, interested parties have sought to decipher im

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. , Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the early 2000s, Eric Porat , a New York -based online entrepreneur and founder of One Acquire Media, has had a knack for building and scaling online businesses. In addition to owning 20 websites and counting in different niches, he also owns several successful companies. Continue Reading Eric Porat Eric Mitchell Porat's Flippa Feedback with over $659,000 in transactions. But, no matter the project, Eric Porat keeps the user at the forefront of all his endeavors. "My goal is to help advertisers get their products or services in front of people that are genuinely interested at the right point of time in their user journey," he said. Over the years he's founded and managed a number of businesses but three of his most successful to date are One Acquire Media, Vayg Holdings and GEOIQ. The genesis stories for these successful vent

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The rise of marketing automation is inevitable. As more and more businesses are shifting online, marketers are looking for efficient and effective ways for marketing campaigns. Manual processes have to be eliminated and repetitive tasks must be addressed so that marketers can look into more important marketing tasks – Growing the business.   But what does marketing automation mean? Who needs it? Why do we need it? How is it helpful to businesses? These are some of your queries that are now running in your mind. Right?  But before we go to how and why let's know what marketing automation is. What is Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation means using all the software and tools to automate marketing activities. Marketing departments automate some repetitive tasks such as email marketing, ad campaign, and social media posting not just to increase efficiency but also to provide personalized customer experience to clients. Marketing Automation makes complicate

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SYDNEY, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Australian job advertisements edged lower in July as coronavirus lockdowns cooled demand for labour, though the decline was surprisingly modest given that Sydney was closed for the entire month. Monday's figures from Australia and New Zealand Banking Group showed total job ads fell 0.5% in July from June, when they climbed 1.5% to the highest since 2008. At 206,819, ads were still up 94% on a year earlier when the labour market was recovering from a national pandemic lockdown which had shut many industries for a month. "This reinforces our expectation that the impact of New South Wales's extended lockdown on employment and the unemployment rate will be limited; hours worked and underemployment will again bear the brunt," said ANZ senior economist Catherine Birch. "Many businesses are 'hoarding' labour to avoid the costs and delays of rehiring once restrictions ease, particularly given reported difficulty finding labour and the re

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As people searched for ways to stay entertained during quarantine and seek out connection as in-person socializing was put on hold, gaming emerged as a powerhouse. Enter Twitch, Amazon's live streaming platform for gamers. Fans flocked to the platform to watch their favorite creators play games and engage with them — and each other — over chat. Users could also support their favorite creators by purchasing a subscription to their channel. Twitch's popularity soared in 2020. The platform had 9.9 million active streamers in January 2021, an increase from 3.9 million at the start of 2020. In the same month, viewers watched more than 2 billion hours of content on the platform. On average, 30 million users visit Twitch daily – up from 17.5 million at the beginning of 2020, according to Twitch. The NBA capitalized on Twitch's growth with a brand campaign for the 2021 Playoffs, bringing

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